Instruction to convert scan files to Word 100% OK

You have just downloaded a scan file online, you want convert the scanned file to Word But try many ways like software, … still not. So what is the fastest way to do it, learn through the article below with Phamdo18.com to get a quick answer yet.

Instructions to convert scan files to Word

To convert a scanned file to Word, the fastest way is to use an online website, you just need to upload the file, the rest of the website will automatically process the Word file for you.

And the website I want to recommend to you is https://convertio.co/en/ocr/

This is a leading reputable website specializing in converting formats from scan to word, pdf to word, excel to pdf, …

To perform the steps to convert the file to Word, you do the following:

Step 1 : Upload files from your computer.

You proceed to upload the file from your computer or can sync from dropbox, google drive, website link containing that document.

Instructions to convert scan files to Word

Step 2: After uploading the document successfully, you proceed to fix a few steps as follows:

Select all languages ​​used in your document : choose Vietnamese offline. (If the documents are in English, please leave them in English)

Output Format & Settings : You choose .docx offline

Part Save converting files : You can choose to save to dropbox or Google Drive. It depends on your needs

Instructions to convert scan files to Word

Finally choose Identification to start the process of converting the scanned file to Word.

Note : To use more times and upload more pages, you must register.

Wait for a while for the system to handle offline.

Instructions to convert scan files to Word

Step 3: The conversion is complete, select Download to finish it.

Instructions to convert scan files to Word

Pretty simple, isn't it.


Above is the article how to guide convert the scanned file to WordHope this article will help you quickly switch to serve your work and study.

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