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Instruction to open an account and deposit and withdraw money from FP Markets -

FP Markets is one Prestigious forex trading floor, operating in the market for nearly 15 years and also quite famous in the world. The reason for now we have only done the instruction of opening an account and depositing and withdrawing at this floor is because only less than a year ago, FP Markets has officially “penetrated” into the Vietnamese market and There are separate support services for Vietnamese traders. Previously, this name appeared very early but not really widely, now FP Markets has received a lot of attention from Vietnamese investors.

FP Markets is one broker in Australia, managed by ASIC, investors can feel secure when trading at this forex floor. Trading conditions at FP Markets are good and can compete with the most reputable forex market today.

With 2 Standard and ECN Raw trading accounts, investors have access to hundreds of trading products ranging from forex, commodities, stocks to indices and even cryptocurrencies. FP Markets offers both MetaQuote trading platforms MT4 software and MT5, meet the maximum needs of investors.

To understand more about the floor and specific trading conditions at FP Markets, you can review the article Review FP Markets.

Part 1: Open a trading account at FP Markets.

The process of opening a trading account at most forex brokers goes through 4 basic steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Open a manager account, or personal account
  • Step 2: Verify identity and address
  • Step 3: Open a trading account
  • Step 4: Set up a trading account

We will begin to go into each specific step.

Step 1: Open a manager account

First, you must visit the FP Markets website. By clicking the button below, you can access the homepage of this forex faster.

Open an FP Markets account

At the home page of the website, click on the box Open a Live account As shown below, select Vietnamese language if the website is English by default.

Account registration form appears as shown below:

Here, you fill out personal information, including:

  • Account type: select a personal account
  • Vietnam
  • First name: enter full middle name + first name
  • Last name: enter them
  • Enter your email and phone number (remember to remove the first 0)

Then click on the box Next.

Here, you enter other information in the form as shown above. Postal codes you can look up on Google, Occupation then you enter your current job as Accountants, Sales Staff, Lawyers, Doctors …

Some note:

  • All information you enter in Vietnamese will be unsigned
  • At the end of the street name must be St. (symbol of the street)
  • The end of the district must have the word City
  • At the end of a province, a city must have either Province or City

With the correct format, the new system will no longer report errors.

Enter the full information then click Next.

You continue to select the information for the trading account, including trading platform (MT4 or MT5), account type (Standard or Raw) and choose the currency for the account. Normally, some forex brokers skip this step in the account opening process and investors can open a trading account after the management account registration is completed, at FP Markets, it is always combined at this step. . However, if you have not decided on which account type to choose, here, you can choose any, after registering the management account, you can still open other trading accounts. .

Select all the information, then click Next.

Then, continue to answer questions about trading experience as shown below:

In the box marked in red, you select the trading time of product types such as forex, derivatives or stocks / bonds in the past 3 years.

With the blue box, select the answer to the question “Do you have any ……” For example, do you have any experience that provides you with forex-related knowledge in the last 10 years? If so, choose Yes, otherwise choose No.

Continue to answer questions related to risk in forex. These questions, you just need to choose Yes is okay.

In this section, click on the boxes as shown above to agree to the terms of FP Markets, and then click Accept and open account to finish opening your account.

At this time, the floor will send you an email with the login information to the management account (including email address and password), you use that information to log in to the account.

To log in to the account manager, you click on the box Customer portal in the upper right corner of the screen as shown below:

Then enter the email and password that the floor has provided to login.

The homepage of the management account will appear as below. Note: At the personal management page, FP Markets does not support Vietnamese.

Step 2: Verify identity and address

Before starting to verify, you need the following documents:

  • Identity verification: one of the documents such as ID card, Passport (Passport), Driver's license or ID card.
  • Address verification: also one of the following: Bank statements, Electricity, water, internet bills, Tax returns or any financial documents, including full information about them, The name and address you have registered with the floor and these papers must not exceed 6 months.

Both types of papers you need to scan or take and save on the computer. Photographs must be clear, fully 4 corners and just capture the front of the paper that is.

Verifying your identity and address will help make your account safer. To conduct verification, click on the word “Link” highlighted in the picture.

Here, you click on the box Choose file To upload photos from a computer, then press the button Submit to send these documents to the floor.

The verification process will take about 24-48 hours. You will receive an email notification if verification is successful. After the verification process is successful, you can perform other operations on your account.

Step 3: Open a new trading account

After the account has been verified, you proceed to open a trading account.

When you registered a manager account, you already opened a trading account, but at this time, you can still open additional accounts.

At the homepage, you choose to Add Live account (to open a Live account) and Add Demo account (to open a trial account) in 2 sections Live account good Demo account on the main screen, or on the Menu bar on the left side of the screen.

In this article, we will guide you to open a Live account.

Here, you select the trading platform, currency and account type, then click Add account.

At this time, the floor requires you to agree with the terms of the floor by clicking on the check box “By checking this box …” Then press Accept is done.

Step 4: Account settings

To set up a trading account, at the homepage, you choose Change platform password (to set the password of the trading account) or Change account leverage (to choose the leverage ratio for your account) in the Menu bar on the left side of the screen or click the settings icon at the bottom of each trading account, as shown below:

  • Set trading account password

Here, you select the trading account to install, then enter the password. Note: password must include uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers. After entering, press Submit.

  • Set the leverage ratio for trading accounts

First, choose a trading account, then choose the leverage ratio for your account. The maximum leverage ratio at FP Markets is 1: 500, note that the higher the leverage, the greater the risk. After selecting, press the button Submit to complete the installation.

  • Change passwords for managed accounts

At the homepage, you select the item Profile Detail in the Menu bar on the left of the screen, then select Change Portal Password.

The current password is the password that the floor sent to you via email after you have registered for the management account. Enter the new password and confirm, the password must include uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers.

After finishing, press the button Submit.

So we have completed all the processes to open a trading account, followed by deposits and withdrawals.

Part 2: Instruction to deposit and withdraw money at FP Markets


At the homepage, you select the item Funding in the Menu bar or click in the box Fund now on any trading account.

The screen will appear as follows:

Select the account to top up and press Submit.

After that, the system will display all available deposit methods for you.

Within the scope of this article, we will guide you to top up in 3 popular ways: Visa / Master cards, Neteller e-wallet and payment gateway.

Choose any form, just click on the name of the form.

Here, you only need to enter the amount you want to deposit, other information the system has available, if you need to change, correct it, then click Submit.

Then enter the required information as shown in the picture, and then click Pay Now.

At this time, the bank will send to your phone a 6-digit OTP confirmation code, enter it in the box as shown below and then press Confirm is done.

  • Neteller e-wallet

The process of recharging with Neteller and Skrill e-wallets is the same, so we only guide you one form, the rest you just need to do the same.

Other information the system has displayed for you as Visa / Master cards form above, here you just enter the email of Neteller wallet, security code and the amount to be loaded, then press Submit is done.

Here, you enter information such as transaction account number, phone number, email …

Then, enter the amount to top up, select IB (Internet Banking) payment method, then select Bank and press the button Submit Submit.

At the time we conducted this review, payment method is temporarily closed for maintenance, but the process is easy after that, you only need to enter your bank account information. After that, the bank will send the OTP confirmation code to the phone as a Visa / Master cards, enter it and press Confirm is done.


At the homepage, you choose Funding on the Menu bar, then select Withdraw, then choose the form of withdrawal as shown below:

We will guide you to withdraw money via Visa / Master cards and Neteller e-wallet.

Here, you select the trading account to withdraw money, enter the amount to withdraw and enter the last 3 digits of the Visa / Master cards (because when depositing, the system has saved your card information so now Now just enter the last 3 digits). Finally press the button Submit.

  • Neteller e-wallet

Same as above, you select the trading account, enter the amount to withdraw, enter the email address of Neteller wallet and press Submit is complete.

Hopefully, through this article, you will successfully open your forex account at FP Markets as well as make the most smooth deposit and withdrawal transactions.

For those of you who haven't decided which trading account to open, you can review the FP Markets Review article and choose the most suitable account type for you.

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