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Integrate the Facebook Comment Plugin in the WordPress website


Integrate the Facebook Comment Plugin in the WordPress websiteCurrently, the common perception from WordPress developer users is consistent that social media marketing is an important platform to help market your services and products. Social media has now become popular, statistics show that Facebook is leading the market. Many people believe in the sharing ideology through social media, email and other online methods by far the best way to sell content with you. Although many website owners agree that integrating social plugins into your website is the most effective marketing method, there are still people who don't achieve such integration on their websites.

To make a difference on the website when observing traffic, adding plugins to social media platforms like Facebook is essential.

This is how you do it …

When you open a post with integrated Facebook comments, the initial pulgin will check to see if the user is logged in to Facebook. Function implemented in iframes, avoiding data being transmitted to the server. When logged in, the plugin only requires two properties from your website; ID from Facebook on your side and the corresponding URL on the post. Facebook ID approves comment changes and preferences settings, then the URL helps locate your comments from the Facebook server.

Create a Facebook application with you

When you want to add a Facebook comment box to your website, the first thing you have to do is create the Facebook application. To do that, go to Facebook and create a new application to your website. Assign your username along with the language on your side of the application and then create it.


When you create a new Facebook App, you get a detailed overview from your side panel. Currently, only the application ID is required for your website. With the dashboard, you specify additional admin custom roles, observe reviews of application side details, add stories, etc.


Before moving on to adding Facebook Comments to your WordPress website, you will need a little configuration. To determine the WordPress website configuration, simply navigate to the settings from your Facebook Control Panel and then click + Add Platform. This will lead you to a new page from which you choose the desired platform as Website. Providing page URLs and mobile URLs will help you add new websites to your app.


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Add the code to your WordPress theme

Now adding the Facebook Application code to your website is quite easy. All you need is to add a new application ID to your header.php file on WordPress.

To access the header.php file, you need to login to the WordPress Dashboard and then go to the Interface. There you will find optional header.php template at the tag on the right panel on the panel.

Now to add a comment box to your WordPress website, you must replace your APPLICATION ID with your ID from the recently created Facebook app.

The requested segment code will look like this,

Once you have finished changing the header file, you will find the code body in the same section ie header.php

Add the following code immediately after the tag . It is usually located in the title.php

That's the code interface, once you've put the code into the file at header.php


Unlike the code provided on the official Facebook comment website, this is a custom comment code on Facebook. Just insert the code into your WordPress-based website, wherever you want to place the Facebook comment gadget, it will work.

class = “fb-comment” data-href = ““Data-width =” 100% “data-numposts =” 10 “data-order-by =” social “data -colorscheme =” light “>

Below is an example of how the code on your side will look when it is placed.


Check, verify

Once you have completed placing the code at the WordPress website, any page where you have placed the corresponding code, visit and check to see if the Facebook comment plugin works well.

Integrate Facebook Comments into WordPress with Plugin

You have now successfully integrated Facebook Comments to your WordPress website without using plugins. However, if you want to add code with the plugin to your WordPress website.

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Download Facebook Comments in the WordPress Plugin section.
  • Install, activate it.

Once you have activated the Facebook Comment Plugin, you must now go to Settings> Facebook Comments and then specify the application ID.

As discussed earlier, to add a new Application ID to Facebook Comments about WordPress, you need to create a Facebook Application. If you have created an application, with a specific application ID, please provide details at the Facebook Comment Plugin in WordPress Installation on your side! You now use the Facebook Comment Plugin on the WordPress website.

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