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Integrating brands in WooCommerce Website


Brand integration in WooCommerce Website – WooCommerce Brand Plugin for you to create brand with your website, with the name, description and image. This helps you with things like:

  • Lists, headings, pages with help from AZ shortcode.
  • Display as thumbnails using shortcodes.
  • Assigned to the product.
  • Filter products by using the navigation utility
  • Integrating brand in WooCommerce commercial store

The plugin is really handy for you to list your brand on their own page and then make the brand search quite simple.

So, let's see how to install, this configuration must have plugins suitable for e-commerce website?


To install an ecommerce brand plugin, follow the instructions below.

  • Download the plugin from WooCommerce Brand.
  • Upload the plugin directory to your wp-content plugins folder.
  • Activate 'WooCommerce Brand' from the Plugins menu at WordPress

After successfully installing the above plugin, see how to configure this plugin

Create a brand

To add new brands will need to go from “Products> Brands”. At the tab, you will see the “Add New Brand” section where you assign the new brand. After you finish, the brand will be listed at the list right next to it.


Set brand name, description, assign images. You can either edit a previously added brand from here or delete it from the list on the right. See all brands listed at the list.


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Assign a brand to the product

To assign your product with a specific brand, visit “Products> Add Product”. On this tab, you see the window as shown below, put the product name on the left and then right you are assigned this product with the brand created earlier.


Reference code

After configuring the brand plugin, it would be a good idea to enhance your product visibility by adding a custom logo on the corresponding product page. So visit the function.php. Add the following code snippet to customize the brand image style applied on the product.

Note: To insert a logo with each brand, you will need to add the above function multiple times for each brand separately.

Here are the things you need to rename by your specific brand name in the code above.

Your_fifts_name → name the template of the function where you initialize the code

The above code arrangement of brand logo will be displayed on all product pages, it changes flexibly according to different brand logos.



Adding products under the right brand and then adding that brand at the navigation helps improve the user experience of shoppers on your website. If you have a website with WooCommerce dealing with many brands, this article will be helpful.

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