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IQ Option Review - Review the latest IQ Option floor 2020 -

Binary options trading has always been a controversial issue with many people, even to the top of the floor always receive different reviews from players. To be fair, this is a form of transaction that contains a lot of risks. However, compared to investing in forex, or stock, options are really easy to play, with a simple approach and low minimum deposit, many exchanges only from 5 USD or more. This has made it possible for anyone to participate, try and experience 1 option transaction.

Because of the high level of risk, so if you want to participate in this field, please consider choosing reputable binary trading platform to minimize risks.

And one of these can not fail to mention is the IQ Option floor. Although only established within 6 years, IQ Option has grown immensely, quickly becoming one of the largest options broker in Europe. So is IQ Option really a reliable binary options broker? If you are also interested in IQ Option then please follow our following article.

Overview of IQ Option binary options trading platform

Basic information about IQ Option floor

  • Established year: 2014
  • Regulatory agency: CySEC
  • Minimum deposit: 10 USD
  • Minimum investment: 1 USD
  • Products offered: Forex, stocks, options and cryptocurrencies
  • Maximum Payout rate: 91%
  • Deposit methods: Internet Banking, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Skrill

Founded in 2013, IQ Option is a subsidiary of IQ Option Europe Limited, based at the Yianni Nicolaides Center in Agiou Cyprus. This is probably one of the few most reputable binary options brokers available today, licensed from CySEC, the financial management organization registered by many forex brokers.

Open an IQ Option account

Therefore, the rights of players will be more assured, when there is any dispute, both you and IQ Option cannot be resolved, you can appeal the email directly to CySEC. treat you. This is one of the things that not every binary platform can do. So that is also why, compared to many binary platforms, IQ Option is chosen by so many traders.

Even IQ Option itself has suffered CySEC penalty of EUR 180,000 so you can rest assured trading. Because CySEC always ensures that brokers have to provide a good experience for customers as well as limit the risk when something goes wrong.

IQ Option's website states that customer money and company assets are completely independent. Even in the worst case, the company can still pay deposits to customers.

In fact, this is an announcement from IQ Option itself, but according to CySEC's regulations, it is not required for the exchange to have 2 types of accounts so we can hardly verify the information above. However, during the exchange period, IQ Option received very little negative feedback regarding withdrawals, so you can trust to trade here.

Trading binary options is always risky, so you need to consider before joining you. Because this method is exactly the same name, it only deals with 2 options: Increase or Decrease (Up or Down) in a certain period of time. If you choose the right money, losing you lose money. Although the gameplay is simple, it is quite similar to many red and black games that Vietnamese often play. The only difference is that you play on the technology platform provided by the exchange based on price fluctuations of virtual currencies, popular currency pairs, stock indices.

Because it is a probability game, there are many factors of chance. We advise you to BE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU JOIN. Because they can help you get rich quick, but can also take all if not control your greed.

Payout rate of IQ Option floor

Payout rate is the floor rate paid when the winner bets on a certain percentage. For example, the payout rate at the time you bet is 80% if you bet 100 USD, in case of winning, you will receive 80 USD, and if you lose you will lose 100 USD.

Compared to many exchanges, IQ Option's interest is highly improvised, unstable ranging from 80% to 95% from time to time.

At IQ Option on 2 weekends, payout rate can be up to 95% if you guess correctly. However, the exchange will only offer cryptocurrency trading on Saturdays and Sundays. So if you love BTC, you can trade at IQ Option to increase your profitability.

Trading platform at IQ Option

IQ Option is one of the few platforms that offers a full range of trading software for platforms such as computers, desktop applications, Android and iOS operating systems.

In particular, IQ Option's mobile platform is quite smooth providing all the features like the web version, so you can trade anytime, anywhere. Not only that, IQ Option provides a lot of technical analysis tools such as Bollinger Band, MACD, CCI … the image quality is bright and clear. To make it easier for them to make decisions, as well as to seek profit. In addition, beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-see interface is also a plus point for IQ Option floor.

Products traded at IQ Option

In addition to binary options, IQ Option also offers many different areas for you to choose from when trading such as:

Forex: IQ Option offers a total of 50 forex pairs with 1: 300 leverage for your option, the most popular of which are EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, AUD / USD, NZD / USD and USD / CHF.

Share: IQ Option offers 169 stocks with an open fee, minimum investment of only $ 1 with leverage up to 1:20, and stocks of the largest companies in the world. such as Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Boeing, and many other companies.

Choice: IQ Option offers 46 different types of options, predicting price movements of assets including Binary, Digital, FX.

Cryptocurrencies: IQ Option offers 17 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin …

Types of accounts provided by IQ Option

In addition to the demo account, IQ Option offers 2 different types of trading accounts for you to choose from: Standard and VIP.

Standard trading account: low minimum deposit from only 10 USD Unlike other BO platforms IQ Option has no restrictions on trading functionality in this account. That means you can access more than 350 assets for trading, with a 24-hour withdrawal mechanism. In addition, traders also have access to a number of trading contests held on the IQ Option platform (only applicable to customers outside the EU).

VIP trading account: with a minimum deposit of 1900 USD or more in 2 days. You will receive benefits such as: having a personal account manager, monthly reports on your trading records and 3% additional profits.

Demo account Like many other binary houses, IQ Option offers a demo account with $ 10,000 of virtual money. You can use it for as long as you like, this will help you experience many different trading strategies as well as familiarize yourself with the platform before investing real money.

In addition, you do not have to register or provide your personal information to access the IQ Option demo. This is not always the case with other brokers, as many companies require you to provide at least one email address to gain access to their demo.

Open an IQ Option account

Deposit and withdraw money at IQ Option

IQ Option offers a variety of deposit methods such as visa debit cards, electronic banks such as Skrill, Perfect Money, Neteller … and many other local banks for you to choose. Since 2016, in an effort to improve its services, IQ Option has upgraded the system, in order to shorten the withdrawal time so that money can be received within the day, instead of taking 1-3 days as before.

The minimum deposit of IQ Option is quite low, only $ 10 up to $ 5,000, fast recharge time is only a few minutes, the money has entered the account.

Currently, IQ Option has supported withdrawals via Internet Banking of some Vietnamese banks so you can fully deposit via this port. However, if you choose this port minimum deposit amount will be 15 USD or more, not 10 USD of other electronic portals such as: Neteller, Skrill or Webmoney.

IQ Option also has the same requirements as forex brokers that you load by any port, you must first withdraw all the money you used to load by that port.

Note: For the first withdrawal, IQ Option will require you to add documents to ensure the transaction. Therefore, immediately when registering an account, you should conduct identity verification by downloading ID card documents to the test floor. As such, it will be more convenient for future withdrawals. The first withdrawal usually takes a bit longer, this is also a policy from IQ Option to ensure the safety of the trader, but the subsequent withdrawals will be much faster.

Customer care

IQ Option provides 24/7 customer support, very professional and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, IQ Option still doesn't support Vietnamese, so you need to use English when calling Hotline (completely free). If you are not confident in the ability to hear and listen, you can email to: (email protected) for assistance.

Open an IQ Option account

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of IQ Option floor

  • Simple, friendly Web interface for traders
  • Licensed and regulated by the European financial agency CySec.
  • The method to withdraw and withdraw is plentiful, quite fast and convenient.
  • There is a demo account ($ 10,000 available) for traders to get acquainted with.
  • Investment time has many levels, the shortest is 30s.
  • The minimum investment amount is as low as $ 1 per transaction.
  • High profit 80-95%.
  • Friendly, enthusiastic support team 24 / 24h (online).
  • Integrating many technical analysis tools so that customers can easily judge prices such as Bollinger Band, MACD, CCI….

IQ Option is actually a fairly reputable binary options broker today. However, as we said earlier the option trading is RISK so you should be very careful when participating in this form. Good luck!

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Author: Tin Nguyen

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