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Is Twitter helping Justin Sun and the celebrities in the fraudulent cryptocurrency world?

A influential website like Twitter should take a balanced and accountable approach when recommending blue ticked accounts and other popular influencers to follow in the cryptocurrency space. The fact that Twitter seems to constantly push users to choose similar accounts to follow. Sadly, among those well-known accounts, there are flagrant crooks trying to enrich their pockets. This begs the question: Does Twitter actively help such nefarious accounts while catching up on other accounts?

Same choice but tired

If people mention marketing stories on Twitter, everyone will probably think of Tron founder Justin Sun. He was recently fired for hostile takeover of the crypto blog platform Steemit. Therefore, Sun will be the focus of attention of social networks like Twitter. Especially after many false accusations, false claims, buy followers and shameless ads in a row.


Justin Sun – CEO Tron

For events that are suspected of being the CEO of a Chinese company with a Chinese name similar to Ripple, while Ripple executives reject the involvement, the introduction of partnerships does not appear. real, or tragedy and illness to promote TRX to have plagiarized whitepaper, Sun It is no stranger to drama and criticism.


Why after all this, did Twitter continue to promote Sun as the second Satoshi to suggest following? From there, it was questioned why other suspicious influencers also stood out on the page, when they seemed to be advertising only their own cryptocurrency products, many of which were not. have been tested or considered for full viability

Refer to Twitter's official restriction on cryptocurrency trading ads at here. There is nothing wrong with promoting a product, but when other accounts are obscured and suspended for smaller allegations, it doesn't make much sense.

"Kobe, It's nice to meet you at niTROn 2019. BYou are one of the greatest honor & privilege of my life, I will always remember the Discuss the future of blockchain on our stage. It is an honor to hear from you niTROn 2020. R.I.P ".


Many Twitter users have criticized Sun for using Kobe's death to promote TRON

Twitter algorithm and suggestions follow

The algorithm of Twitter each was scrutinized. Specifically, CEO Jack Dorsey told US lawmakers in 2018 that they were “unfairly” used by the company but the problem was fixed.

News The BBC details that platform users are starting to notice that related tweets no longer appear in the search box. According to Dorsey, countless signals have been used to choose “what to display, reduce rankings and filter out” and although the company did not obscure accounts due to political issues, a number of mistakes were made. execution and accounts were unfairly treated.


Jack Dorsey – Twitter CEO

For tracking suggestions, Twitter listed Many factors are thought to determine what certain users need to see, including uploading contacts, user locations, activity, Twitter interactions and information from third-party websites. .

All this sounds good, but why are some accounts be suspended or be removed from the platform, while other accounts seem to abuse misinformation and spam continues to thrive? While cryptocurrency advertising is strictly regulated on the site, influencers like Sun and CZ of Binance seem to be able to wriggle, turning their own cryptocurrency products to millions of followers. without being punished. Many deviant liberal cryptocurrency users may want to make Twitter more informal, decentralized.

Association 'in the same boat' with Jack

"Just wanted to say that I support Jack as CEO of Twitter. I love him. He is a great technology leader who supports Bitcoin! ".

It may seem a little presumptuous to say that all this happened because of money and unofficial alliances, but be honest: that's the way it is. A huge development site does not exempt itself from the natural consequences of human nature and the problem becomes more serious.

For example even the employee of a small town gas station will be plotting to trick the new guy into to get the best shift when he is not there. So, with billions of dollars worth of empires, what will they do? This is social media. The more people participate, the more activity there will turn into more revenue. More “extreme” articles and engaging posts related to the political debate and getting rich quickly with cryptocurrencies will stimulate participation.

Former kTwitter software engineer Abhinav Vadrevu talked about opening an account: “They just think that no one is involved Comment line tweet, when in fact, nobody saw that “- watch the full video”.

In addition, former employees of Twitter have acknowledged such a scheme continues, even if it is heavily criticized as conservative media. Controversial activist James O 'Keefe quoted a video of a former Twitter engineer in 2018 and said:

CThe constitution is account cloudiness so you have ultimate control. Account cloudiness was job You banned someone but they didn't know they were banned and they keep posting Posts but no one sees their content. I do not know Twitter Do you continue to do so?".

Although the media on the left-wing political side has tried to downplay the importance of this hidden video, it has been a problem nonetheless.

Twitter is a business

Bitcoin players don't want the government to apply regulation to Jack or Justin, shaping Twitter into a boring and “fair” community platform where there is no bias. After all, it is a business and the business can do what it wants. Besides, whether someone is a fraud or not is often controversial. Everyone knows there are bitter alliances and divisions in the world of cryptocurrencies. They see themselves as shitcoin drivers. In fact, such divisions are so clear that Dorsey himself helped maintain them:

'What if Jack talks about BCH?

No, never”

No wonder some people in the Bitcoin Cash community are suspicious of censorship. When a person who maximizes BTC is the CEO of a company with a former employee who says that account blurring has been done and accounts seem to be deleted, obscured or randomly cut, it's hard not to catch. First string of information. Controversy about the sale handle @Bitcoin last year to a maximum of BTC also blew the fire, because selling accounts banned under Twitter's Terms of Service.

Jack did not respond to why Sun and others seemed to be strongly motivated to users on his platform when asked. Until more clearly, it seems that the blinding light of Sun and his colleagues will continue to blind others, but those who refuse Twitter will go elsewhere to interact. After all, no one can deny that it is entertaining and that makes sure the success of any social media platform.

Minh Anh

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