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Kranken donated 17.5 BTC to the Noisebridge collaborative hackers space

On February 27, supporters of Noisebridge and attendees John Backus discovered about 17,513 BTC (equivalent to about $ 156,000 at the time) deposited into Noisebridge's digital wallet.

The surprise deposit came from the Kraken exchange based in the United States. The exchange sent Bitcoin as a donation in response to the tweet that Backus posted a day ago to ask for money to help run Noisebridge.

Noisebridge was forced to leave active place over 10 years because of SF inspectors said “heat generating” equipment is not allowed to be used if do not have Water sprayer worth 150K dollars. Noisebridge no have full 150K dollars, the host will not agree. Frustrating following an iconic SF organization (IMO)".

In an February 27 interview at Noisebridge, Backus said that he was shocked to see 17.5 Bitcoin deposited in Noisebridge's wallet. I said:

I sent my tweet to donate on the afternoon of the 26th/2. By the end of the night, I was excited to see amount of money has raised it was $ 200. I woke up the next morning to Check Twitter and then see the tweet stream from the Kraken account".

Backus said that he didn't understand the tweet Kraken sent out at first.

“It sounds like a subtle way to say that” all the bearded men need a bath “. Anyway, we had you. "

Backus then noticed a link to the transaction below the text. I said:

About 30 input and 50 The output is related to the link, so I can't know how much money at first. Then I saw that Noisebridge's address had 17.5 Bitcoin in it. At first, I didn't believe this was true. I visited Noisebridge Slack and another member confirmed it to be true".


Image from inside Noisebridge

“Crypto Twitter” saved Noisebridge

Backus has visited Noisebridge since 2013 and explained that anarchist hacking space in the heart of Mission County, San Francisco relies entirely on donor money. I said:

No one specifically runs Noisebridge. Space already exists twelfth This year and our money always comes from work donations. Anyone is welcome to come and work here. But there have been many times in the past we almost ran out of money. Yes, exactly ran out of money, so I switched crypto twitter for help".

Noisebridge sponsor and cashier Tyler Maran said the Noisebridge sprinkler system inside the building did not follow San Francisco's city code. Maran says it costs about $ 150,000 to repair the sprinkler system.

One article The San Francisco Examiner, published in April 2019, also discussed the improvements and funding needed for Noisebridge to maintain space operations. Noisebridge member Victoria Fierce then told Examiner:

Noisebridge is facing a 30 fine,$ 000 for code violations and were City prohibit build. According to the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, the violations included 2 Bathrooms are sold unlicensed construction, unlicensed partitions and additional industrial laser cutting machines".

Maran further noted that Noisebridge has the oldest elevators in San Francisco, almost 100 years old and has not operated for more than a year. This has unfortunately limited the accessibility of space.

Noisebridge needs improvement with the A mount of money minimum about 150,000 dollars".

What does Noisebridge have?

Maran says that open source and decentralization are values ​​that Noisebridge supporters are proud of. Many people working at Noisebridge are involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community:

Hard wallet build is the big focus here and Touch to pay electrical system is also under construction here".

Maran also stated that Kraken's 17.5 Bitcoin donation is the largest contribution Noisebridge has ever made. He explained:

We are completely run by the community. Anyone can come and work here. No one was rejected for lack of capital. Most people will donate $ 5 a month and those donations to pay rent in twelfth year".

Asked what Noisebridge would do after receiving a $ 156,000 donation, Maran explained he didn't know. I said:

I want to make sure that money is spent for the best benefit of the community. I'm not sure what we will do with this funding, but it will used to improve the ecosystem".


Tyler Maran (left)

He said that moving was a possibility, although it would be difficult to change locations:

We can upgrade the sprinklers or move the space to another place. We were here twelfth This year and very attached to this place. But there is much limit here”.

Thuy Trang

According to Cointelegraph

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