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Kyber Network flourishes impressively in 2020, increasing by more than 300%

The KNC price has increased by over 100% since the KNC information was listed on Coinbase Pro. News of the listing on Coinbase Pro comes a few days after the exchange celebrated its best month.

Kyber has several figures that hit an all-time high in January and February, including reaching the highest number of unique addresses, the most significant number of transactions and volumes of USD and ETH to date.

"Creating a 3-dimensional value of the Katalyst upgrade for KNC owners, combined with the ability to vote for important protocol parameters via KyberDAO, is an extremely powerful use case for KNC. And this upgrade will be released in late Q1 or early Q2 2020. "

Kyber Network and recent advances

Kyber kicked off 2020 with the best-performing month since its launch, reaching half a billion dollars in volume and making it to the top of the decentralized financial sector (DeFi). That's part of the reason Coinbase has decided to list Kyber Network's native token on Coinbase Pro. The KNC / USD and KNC / BTC trading pairs were listed on Monday, February 24.

Kyber Network has reached the top 11 on the DeFi application and ranked third in the field of decentralized exchange (DEX), quickly becoming a serious competitor in the trading market.

Kyber Network has started 2020 with the best operating month since launch, how is KNC price?

A number of integrated applications with Kyber have proven similar growth dynamics, with both Fulcrum and MyEtherWallet achieving a growth of more than 250% from the previous month.

Kyber is active in fastidious markets like Europe and the United States, where it accounts for about one third of their users, of which 3% use KyberSwap. The remaining users are Vietnam, South Africa, Russia and the Netherlands. They also report users spread across 100 countries worldwide.

Kyber Network has started 2020 with the best operating month since launch, how is KNC price?

The volume of integrated DeFi applications doubled to more than $ 15 million, with Fulcrum driving most of that growth.

Kyber Network has started 2020 with the best operating month since launch, how is KNC price?

The increase in use on Fulcrum shows that lending and margin are both significant growth drivers in DeFi. Fulcrum currently holds nearly $ 13 million in assets.

At press time, KNC prices are hovering around $ 0.77, up more than 33% in the past 24 hours, up to 320% just from the beginning of 2020.

You can see the KNC price list here.

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