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[Nóng] CME Group announced to close the transaction because of fear of spreading COVID-19

CME requires the CFTC to double Bitcoin Futures capacity when interest soars

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and officially announced by the WHO as a global pandemic, companies and organizations related to cryptocurrencies are forced to change the way they work.

According to CNBC reporting On Wednesday, CME Group – the second company to launch Bitcoin futures trading in the United States, will suspend trading in Chicago from March 13.

In the statement, CME said the decision to temporarily close is necessary to limit the number of people contributing to reducing the spread of the corona virus. Markets across the United States have been severely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, with the Dow Jones index falling 1,500 points in the past 24 hours.

Suspension of transactions is a precautionary measure

CME is the largest financial derivatives exchange in the world, including agricultural products, fiat, cryptocurrencies, metals and stock indices. In the announcement, the company said this was a precautionary measure:

"Currently, no cases of corona virus infection have been reported on the trading floor or in the Chicago Board of Trade building. The reopening of transactions will be considered when further medical instructions on COVID-19 are available. "

Closed related to COVID-19

So far, the outbreak of corona virus, also known as Wuhan pneumonia, has halted most flights to China and from China. Italy was also the victim of heavy losses when it recently issued an executive order restricting travel and banning mass gatherings nationwide since March 10, in addition, the United States and Europe were also Travel restrictions.

However, the New York Stock Exchange has not issued a statement of suspension yet, although more than 200 cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed in the city. Nasdaq, a New York-based stock exchange, is preparing a backup and database exchange in Philadelphia's Navy Yard, but is still open for trading.

Employees at cryptocurrency companies work from home

While CME's Chicago headquarters will still be open to 450 employees, a number of companies and cryptocurrency exchanges have been implementing new policies to prepare for the spread. Covid-19.

Coinbase – a major cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, and Messari – a cryptocurrency analysis company in New York, both have announced to employees working from home until further notice. .

As of today, the United States has 1,322 cases of COVID-19 infection, including 38 deaths.

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