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Notice of SnapEx World Trading Championship (March 2020)

Dear SnapEx user,

SnapEx is currently launching a new series of trading competitions – SnapEx World Trading Championship. Specifically, there will be a big trading competition held in each quarter of 2020.

And of course, each contest has a number of prizes, which will increase as the number of participants increases. That leads to the number of participants awarded will also increase.

The trading contest series consists of 3 quarterly rounds and ends with the Final round held in the 4th quarter of the year.

So, SnapEx World Trading Championship will be organized as a series of rounds with four separate stages:

  • The 1st quarter: First round of examination (March)
  • Q2: The second round (June)
  • Q3: Third round (September)
  • Q4: Finals (December)

Winners from each quarterly round will be eligible to participate in the Final Round – where SnapEx will host both online and offline trading competitions (with details to be announced in the coming days).

Launch of the SnapEx World Trading Championship (WTC) 2020

SnapEx World Trading Championship (WTC) 2020

The first round of SnapEx World Trading Championship (WTC) will start at 15:00 March 17 and end at 15:00 March 31, 15:00 (UTC + 8). Participants in this round will trade on their live accounts and winners will be selected based on their Return on Rate (ROE). WTC will organize 2 small competitions:

  • Daily ROE (daily ROE) – Top 5 traders with the highest daily ROE (in 24 hours)
  • Overall ROE (total ROE) – Overall ROE rank (maximum of 400 winners) for the duration of the round

Unlike the regular trading contests, the new trading contest format we offer for WTC will have a hierarchical reward system. The more people participating in WTC, the more the prize amount will be increased. The total limit for the prize pool can reach 120,000 USDT, while the maximum number of winners can be up to 400 people.

Competition time

The round will take place for 14 days, starting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 (GMT + 8) and ending on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (GMT + 8).

  • Begin: 15:00, March 17, 2020 (GMT + 8)
  • End: 23:59, March 31, 2020 (GMT +8)

Rules of participation

1 / To be eligible to participate in the round, users need to:

  • Registration
  • Completed KYC
  • Deposit money (minimum 50 USDT)
  • Complete at least 1 transaction

2 / To be eligible to receive the prize of the contest, users need to have at least 50 USDT (in Real account) at the beginning of the round.

3 / Users can only use one account to join. If anyone is found participating in multiple accounts, he or she will be removed from the competition.

4 / Accounts with less than 50 USDT will start with a negative ROE. For example:

At the beginning of the round, your account balance is 30 USDT. After placing a live account trade, your account balance becomes 40 USDT. At this point, your return on this round is (40-50) / 50 x 100% = -20%

Users can deposit additional funds to their account during the round so that the account balance is at or above 50 USDT. That way, you can compete in WCT without any disadvantages.

Mechanism award round contest

1 / The prize for the round will be determined based on the number of participants. The larger the number of participants, the higher the total prize money (up to 120,000 USDT).

2 / Table 1 below is a breakdown of the bonus for the top daily ROE trader, based on the number of participants. If the number of participants is less than 1,500, there will be no daily ROE.

Table 1

3 / Table 2 below is a breakdown of the bonuses for the overall ROE section, based on the number of participants.

Table 2

4 / Top 3 traders in the overall ROE section will be given an exclusive custom title by SnapEx.

5 / Top 10 traders in the overall ROE section will be invited to be the official “branch” of SnapEx. These traders will receive a minimum of 40% lifetime commission when successfully inviting new SnapEx users with their invitation link or referral code.

6 / During the competition period from 17 to 31 March, we will award additional rewards to users who join the official SnapEx Telegram group. The first 10 new users to join the Telegram group will receive 1,000 SNAP points each. All other new users will receive 500 SNAP points.

Rules of the round

1 / Prizes will be distributed to daily ROE as well as total ROE after each round of competition.

2 / For daily ROE, top 5 traders with highest ROE will receive daily rewards. The winner's ROE will be counted from 15:00 to 14:59 the next day.

3 / For the total ROE part during the competition, the number of participants eligible to win the prize will be up to 10% (refer to Table 2). For example: If the total number of WCT participants reaches 1,500, the total number of qualified winners will be 150.

4 / The total number of participants awarded will not exceed 400 people.

5 / Daily ROE and total ROE must be transparent if you want to be rewarded.

6 / ROE for this round will be calculated as follows: ROE = (Current equity + Contested amount) / (Equity at the start of the competition + Refunds earned throughout Contest + Deposit amount in the contest) -1

7 / If there is a winner with the same ROE then the person with the higher trading volume will receive a higher bonus.

Distribution of rewards

1 / The prize will be distributed and deposited directly into the winner's SnapEx account within 7 working days after the end of the round.

2 / For traders who are awarded custom titles, a member of the SnapEx team will contact the winner to arrange the award.

3 / SNAP rewards for new users will be released every Monday.

4 / SNAP is a reward program that allows users to deduct transaction fees. The deduction rate is 100 SNAP = 1 USDT. When 10,000 SNAP is reached, users can exchange it for 100 USDT.

5 / SNAP points are awarded for joining official SnapEx Telegram groups and will only be rewarded once. Does not apply to users joining multiple SnapEx Telegram groups.

6 / SnapEx reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete parts of these Terms at any time.

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