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One of Ripple's biggest backers has just declared "sold out" XRP

$ 400 million from illegal activities carried out via XRP

Tiffany Hayden – once one of Ripple's biggest supporters, and claiming to be the CEO of XRP, has claimed to sell all of her XRP due to constant attacks from the XRP community. The blockchain adviser said that the constant gains from Ripple supporters forced her to sever her relationship with the project.

Ripple's major backers abandon all XRP

While the cryptocurrency industry is known for creating very passionate groups, there are very few communities as hated as the community around Ripple.

It seems that the fan group with the “hot blood” of the XRP cryptocurrency is no longer able to endure with Tiffany Hayden, one of the earliest and most vocal supporters. Independent blockchain advisor decided to sell off her XRP and leave the community.

She was tweet on March 9:

“I no longer hold $ XRP, so XRP supporters should stay away from me.”

She explained that the XRP community has “attacked her reputation” since she revealed that the network is facing vulnerabilities that could bring down network activity.

Hayden adds that XRP supporters have repeatedly criticized her:

"Wherever XRP supporters gather, they have nothing better to do than talk about me, things that make my parents and children unhappy reading. It's all over. Find others to defame and spend your whole life decrying. "

She also claimed that she was removed from the network by the project “gatekeepers” after she failed an expensive validator to support the vulnerabilities.

Her LinkedIn still lists her as the CEO of XRP.
Her LinkedIn still lists her as the CEO of XRP.

The XRP community once again proved hostile

This is not the first time that the hostility of the XRP community has caused problems. Back in 2018, – formerly known as CryptoInfluencers, is a platform that lists influencers in the cryptocurrency community, was forced to remove a member of Ripple from the platform.

Team said the platform was heavily attacked after highlighting David Schwartz (also known as Joel Katz) – Ripple's CTO, who was influential at Ripple. Although Ripple notes that the data they synthesize is merely informative, the Ripple community has expressed dissatisfaction with the platform and forced them to remove all information.

Ripple itself is no stranger to dramas, as the company has faced class action lawsuits while preparing for an IPO. The company has been accused of making an illegal securities offering when distributing XRP a few years ago.

It's hard to know whether Hayden's sale of all XRP sales will affect the XRP price, as the entire cryptocurrency market has experienced a sharp decline in the past two days.

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