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Optimize website speed: 6 best techniques in 2020 - HOSTVN Blog

Optimizing website speed is a problem many people are concerned about today. You want your WordPress site to load faster and you're having difficulty with techniques such as CSS scaling, JavaScript blocking rendering and HTTP requests.

In this article, HOSTVN makes web site speed optimization a lot easier by focusing only on techniques you can easily implement.

These are not all ways to speed up WordPress, but by following the instructions in this article, you can improve your website loading speed without having to understand too much technically.

1. How to know if your website needs speed optimization

There are lots of free tools that make it easy to run website speed tests. HOSTVN There are articles on the 10 best website speed testing tools, but here are the two easiest options to use:

All you do is paste the URL of your website and the testing tool and tell you how long it takes to load your website.

While there is no hard rule about a fast loading site and a slow web site, a good rule of thumb is that you want your site to load in under 2-3 seconds if possible – that's what Ask Google Search employee John Mueller.

Optimize website speed

2. Six tips to optimize website speed

If you feel that your website is loading slowly, right now, speed it up. There are many ways to speed up your website. However, like so many things in life, optimizing website speed follows the Pareto principle (AKA the 80/20 rule).

2.1. Use plugin cache

A cache plugin can help reduce load time by providing a static version of HTML cache instead of automatically building a page with each visit.

You do not really need to understand the technical issues. HOSTVN We've summarized some of the best cache plugins in the Top 9 plugins to help optimize WordPress loading speed. And if you want a really simple plugins to use, check out the Installation and setting up cache for WordPress with WP Super Cache or the How to install and configure WordPress Cache with W3 Total Cache.

2.2. Optimize your image

Follow HTTP Archive, the size of an average website consists of about 50% of images. So, if you can shrink the size of images on your site will help optimize the download speed for your site.

The easiest way to optimize images on WordPress is with the WordPress image optimization plugin. To choose plugins to help compress images, see TOP 5 PLUGIN for compressing the best WordPress images.

2.3. Use a good hosting

Choosing a good hosting with optimization technologies like LiteSpeed, PHP 7 will also help your website load significantly faster. To know how to choose the correct hosting for WordPress, see 8 criteria to choose the best WordPress Hosting 2020.

2.4. Use lightweight interface

The interface is the basis of the website and it has a great influence on the load time of the website. Using a lightweight interface can reduce website loading time by over 40%. So when choosing a theme for your website, avoid using interfaces that are too heavy with js effects.

2.5. Limit the use of the plugin

As a general rule, using multiple plugins can negatively impact the page load time of your website. Unless you understand the technical skills, it is difficult to assess the exact impact of each plugin – that's why we still recommend not using too many plugins. Choose the right plugins and use only the ones you really need.

2.6. Use the CDN

If you want to serve visitors from around the world, the content distribution network (CDN) is a great option to speed up your page load time for visitors who are located far from the data center. your stock.

Why? Because the laws of physics exist! And as fast as light in fiber optic cable, physical distance still plays a role in how fast your site loads for visitors.

Cloudflare is a free CDN option that is pretty easy to get started and KeyCDN Also an option.

3. Conclusion

This article is not the only site speed optimization tip. But if you follow these six tips, you'll help your website load a lot faster. Also if you have any comments you can leave a comment below.

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