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Peter Brandt warned that the XRP price could fall freely without finding a bottom

Peter Brandt accused Ripple of manipulating XRP prices

Peter Brandt, a veteran trader with more than 30 years of experience in the market, has just predicted that XRP could fall freely without finding a bottom. Brandt has previously stated not to comment on Ripple's token for being repeatedly stoned by the XRP community, but today is an exception.

Haven't escaped from danger

Peter Brandt has had a bad relationship with the XRP community recently. Last month, he predicted Ripple's assets could drop another 25% to reach $ 0.2, which received a lot of criticism from the project's crazy fans. However, Brandt's analysis was completely accurate when the token price dropped a few days later to $ 0.16.

In the face of the intense criticism he suffered, he publicly stated that he would never share charts about XRP again.

"I often share different charts for free. But the rudeness and immaturity of XRP fans (cryptocurrency fans in general) is insulting and lacking in culture. In the future, I will only share a limited number of charts about this coin for a group of people who really want to learn. "

Now it seems he has changed his mind. Today, Brandt is posting a new chart to alert XRP investors that the coin they have long idolized may drop even deeper. However, he avoided giving a specific price, instead, he just said that there was still “plenty of space below” for XRP.

"I am breaking promises. I said I would never post an XRP chart again. But, I think all of you might be interested in this. “There is still space below.”

The majority of XRP investors since 2017 are “swinging the peak”.

"Another way to look at is that almost everyone who has purchased XRP since May 2017 has suffered a loss. This time, it's impressive performance. "

Brad Garlinghouse – Ripple's CEO, was recently stoned for openly admitting that Ripple would not be profitable without selling XRP.

Members of the XRP community have filed a class action lawsuit against Ripple for offering illegal securities during the initial launch of the ICO. They even created a petition asking Ripple to stop dumping the coin on and threatening to make a hard fork on this blockchain.

Brandt said that the majority of XRP investors since 2017 are “swinging” is a warning to the holders, especially after community leader Hayden left the project and claimed to have sold all their tokens. she.

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