Post Navigation Code Genesis Child Themes Part 9 - Genesis Framework

    Post Navigation is adding a link to navigate the previous and next post on the article page. This is also a great way to help get a few more page views because some of your readers will click on your next & previous post link.

    Connecting all your posts together is not a bad way to ensure they are all indexed in search results.

    Them Link Bai Viet Truoc Sau
    Them Link Bai Viet Truoc Sau

    Function.php file

    To add Post Navigation to the Genesis Child Themes article page, use the following code into the file function.php.

     // Add Previous & Next Links in Genesis Single Post Page. add_action('genesis_entry_footer', 'genesis_post_navigation', 20 ); function genesis_post_navigation() {     if ( is_single ( ) ) { 	    ?>                   

    Style.css file

    Add a little css to the style.css file

     .adjacent-entry-pagination { 	margin: 40px 0; } 


    This is an article in the series that guides code genesis child themes. If you use other themes you can refer to Previous and Next Navigation Links in WordPress.

    I hope you find this guide helpful. If so, consider sharing it with your audience!


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