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Prevent visitors from leaving anonymous comments in WordPress


Prevent visitors from leaving anonymous comments in WordPressAre you looking for a way for visitors to leave anonymous comments at WordPress? By default, you cannot leave anonymous comments at WordPress for good reason. This is to prevent spam in the comment section. If Spam Bots are allowed to leave a comment without entering any information, all you will see is spam in the comments.

However, the user base has asked for the anonymous option to leave a comment, you don't want to disappoint them. However, the website will suffer more spam, visitors will not have the features they want. Here, I'll show you how to leave anonymous comments at WordPress.

Why need to prevent anonymous comments


You wonder why you need to prevent anonymous comments from the beginning, of course the answer is quite simple. If visitors leave anonymous comments there are many disadvantages.

For newbies, leaving an anonymous comment means less information is needed to leave a comment. This makes it easier for spam bots to leave comments at WordPress, so it's harder to control spam in the comments section.

When visitors see anonymous comments on the website, they will have a bad impression of you.

For these or other reasons, I recommend not leaving comments anonymously.

Other solutions

After reading some of the drawbacks associated with anonymous comments, you changed your mind. If so, a great solution is to encourage visitors to take advantage of the nickname feature. Instead of displaying your username, you display a nickname to help make your post more anonymous.

This solution is what many visitors want, but it's not perfect. The nickname is still associated with the account, and all comments will show that name. While this will certainly help an account to use their real name as their username, it is not completely anonymous.

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Allow anonymous comments

Here, I will mention how to leave anonymous comments at WordPress. You will not need any additions to complete this task. Although it is not enabled by default, you set the name field with the Email option. This means that anyone is allowed to leave a comment without providing any information, ie anonymously. Remember that you can keep track of all comments by IP address if needed.

Change comment settings

Changing settings related to website comments is easy to do. In the admin panel on the left, click settings and then select the discussion option.


Here you can change different settings with comments from you, but you'll only need to change the settings this time. Locate the other comment settings. The first option is to comment that the user must enter a name, the email option and the box are selected by default. Uncheck the box so all visitors are allowed to leave a comment without providing any information. You should take this time to make sure that the spam guard has been launched.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.


Protect your comment section

Do not leave comments anonymous because it raises the serious problem related to spam. Censorship of comments only becomes more difficult as the website grows and opens the door for any spam bots to intrude. Make sure you have a strong anti-spam plugin like Akismet to protect your website from harm.

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