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Restore WooCommerce commercial website from backup


Restore WooCommerce commercial website from backupHaving a backup policy in place is definitely the best way to help feel safe about your online assets. However, how to restore them, backing them up and running them is also important. In this guide, learn how to restore your website from a backup.

Will discuss about 3 different recovery methods. Remember you should check your website's functionality after being restored on the server. Although the backup image is duplicated on both sides of your online website, an error will occur. Usually such incidents are rare, but due to the website, it is best to check basic functionality before going into operation.

Method 1: Restore the backup copy from Backup UpdraftPlus

The UpdraftPlus plugin is very convenient to use, comes with an easy online Recovery option that can be used to restore your website to a previous version.

To restore a previous version, navigate to the WordPress Dashboard. Then click Install and then choose UpdraftPlus. Now, click on the Restore Copy option. Next, you'll see a list of available backup files.


That's not all, the good thing is that with this plugin you get restored to the Plugin, Theme, Upload, Other and Separate Database.


In case you think the current database on your side has been corrupted, it only means restoring your backup database. However, if you think your theme, plugins and database have been compromised, it is better to restore the entire website to the previous version and then change the login password of the WordPress user as well as update the security. database export.

Besides, you also choose advanced WordPress Backup plugin like BlogVault to bring real-time backups specifically for WooCommerce store. It comes with 90-day external storage, ensuring high availability and safety net against data loss.

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Method 2: Ask your web hosting provider

Many hosting providers keep backups on their server side. You are required support from them to restore your website. However, be sure to ask them when the last time they backed up your website.

At Cloudways, every customer gets a free backup service. Here brings hourly backups. To restore a backup on Cloudways, go to the Cloud Control Panel and navigate to the Manage Applications tab, then scroll down to the Restore section. Just select the appropriate recovery option, then press the Restore Application now.


Method 3: Manually restore from an archived backup

If you have done the manual method on your WooCommerce website, including web files and databases, you can easily restore your website to the previous version.

First of all, if you are restoring your website because it was hacked or infected with malware, the recommended course of action is to delete the entire web file. To do that, you connect to your web server via an FTP client, like FileZilla and then select the entire file. Then delete them.


After deleting the web file, we will upload all the files from our local backup to our web server via FTP. Just make sure you're uploading a backup file that's not the same as a hacked file.

Finally, you will need to restore the database because all the WordPress side settings exist in the database. To restore it, you will need to navigate to the MySQL administration tool, MySQL Manager at Cloudways (or phpMyAdmin is popular with the server that other admin panel).

To restore the database, click on Import and select the .sql file, then click on Execute to restore.


You also need to download the plugins again when they do not work on your website that you have just restored.

Bring your WooCommerce store with you to Cloudways

Along with 100% faster performance on Cloud, WooCommerce Quick Storage Platform with Cloudways comes with daily (or hourly) automatic backups, 1-Click SSL Management, 1-Click Restore, etc.

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