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Review the history of Minecraft development through versions, in the past 10 years - Knowledge sharing blog

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Yes, the Minecraft game you used to play with is 10 years old 😀 So you want to know the development history of this extremely attractive game.

Okay, if you want to learn more about the development history through this game's version, you can read through this article, and I believe that through this article, you also know the reason for Minecraft stars become the leading game in the world today.

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I. Minecraft versions from 2009-2019

#first. Minecraft (RD-132211)

Minecraft-history-minecraft-in-10-year (2)

The first version of Minecraft was released on November 13, 2009. It is called RD-132211 or another name is cave game.

Because this is the first version to be released, the game graphics are not very eye-catching. In this version, you can only build basic constructions from specific 3D soil and rock blocks of the game.

#2. Minecraft (PRE-CLASSIC RD-132328)

Minecraft-history-minecraft-in-10-year (3)

Version PRE-CLASSIC RD-132328 was released on the same day as the first version was Rd-132211. In this version, the steve mobs are programmed to run and jump with silly, funny, animated movements …

# 3. Minecraft (PRE-CLASSIC RD-132328)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (4)

Version PRE-CLASSIC RD-132328 was released on May 14, 2009.

In this version, all the world is made of stone instead of earth and it is a flat world. Name cave game is changed to Minecraft: Order of the stone. Regarding animation, it is not much different from previous versions.

# 4. Minecraft (CLASSIC 0.0.13A)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (5)

CLASSIC 0.0.13A is a follow-up version released on May 22, 2009.

You can now press the key ESC to enter the Custom Menu. This means that this updated version has a lot more improvements than before.

# 5. Minecraft (MULTI PLAYER TEST-0.0.15A)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (6)

Version MULTI PLAYER TEST-0.0.15A was released on 05/31/2009.

In this version, the steve mobs become crazy, run around and know how to place blocks.

# 6. Minecraft (SURVIVAL TEST-0.27)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (7)

Version SURVIVAL TEST-0.27 was released on October 24, 2009.

This is the Minecraft version with mode Survival. The basic types of mobs added are: Zombie, skeleton, sheep, pig, Crepper, spider, …

The ores appeared in this version: gold, iron, diamond, etc.

A few special things in this version are: Crepper when dead will explode, there is no food bar that food will directly heal, Zombie does not burn when in the sun, ore can dig. with your bare hands, …

# 7. Minecraft (Version 0.30)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (8)

Version 0.30 is programmed by Notch (creator of Minecraft game – the father of the game) and posted on his blog.

Due to some reasons, this version was not released. In this version you can press the button B to choose stuff.

#8. Minecraft (INDEV version)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (9)

Version Indev was released on December 23, 2009.

It was originally only for those who had bought the game, but later it was accessible to anyone.

This is the first version to be added to the mobs category. This is a major milestone version of the game. This version at that time was considered to be quite complete in every way.

But in this version, the player's skin will be turned black due to error.

In this version, there are mechanisms of survival and transplantation. There are many new types of appliances such as furnaces, labor tools, etc.

The special thing in this version is that the ore must be broken with tools, not by hand as in the old version.

This is considered a major turning point of the game and it is also the most successful improved version of Notch.

# 9. Minecraft (INFDEV Version)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (10)

After the success of the Indev version, Notch decided to release a new version called Infdev.

In terms of structure and items, it is not much different from the previous version, but in this version, the Minecraft world is expanded to 64,000,000 blocks, equivalent to 4096 billion km ^ 2.

This version has appeared cages summoning mobs and red brick pyramids.

#ten. Minecraft (Alpha 1.2)

10-year-old-schedule-minecraft-year-of-minecraft (2)

Following the previous seniors, there were a series of Alpha versions, including the first Alpha version, Alpha 1.2.

This version also brought everything that the elder had before, but it also added some new things like: cow; boat; Cock; Nether world (hell).

# 11. Minecraft (Beta 1.2)

History-10-year-old-Minecraft-minecraft (1)

Beta 1.2 is also a new update, most of them will not change much but mainly fix bugs and add a few items. Things added in this version are bone meal, cake, sugar cane, dye, etc.

#twelfth. Minecraft (BETA 1.8)

10-year-old-schedule-minecraft-year-of-minecraft (3)

Beta 1.8 is not the same as Beta 1.2, in this Beta 1.8 new works are added to make the game richer.

Specifically, the additional works are: Strong bolds (abandoned libraries), dungeons the end, ravines (cracks), villager (villages), …

# 13. Minecraft (Version 1.72)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (11)

This is considered the version sticking with the most players because this is the time when Minecraft has grown the most.

Longtime Minecraft players must know this version. It is also added some items such as magic books, drugs, …

In addition, it has been discovered hobobrine (who has the power and the most mysterious unleashed Minecraft) in this version.

# 14. Minecraft (Version 1.13)

Minecraft-minecraft-in-10-year-old (12)

This is also a new version. It is updated quite a lot, but at most the ocean. The ocean has been updated to be extremely beautiful with dolphins, seaweeds, turtles, drowning zombies and extremely lively swimming animations.

# 15. Minecraft (Version 1.14)


Version 1.14 is the latest version today. It has been added quite a lot from items, resources, to mobs. Specifically we will have: bamboo (bamboo), panda, scaffolding, robbing villages, bees, bee hives, …

II. End

Yes, above is the development history of Minecraft games through each version, from the time of its launch to the present (2009-2019).

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Wish you have fun playing the game!

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