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Samsung Galaxy: When configuration is not what determines the price - Knowledge sharing blog

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Samsung is the largest smartphone OEM at the moment, with a global market share of over 40%. They are very popular in markets like Vietnam, Asia, Europe and, of course, Korea.

As an Android OEM smartphone, their strategy is very different from the rest of Android OEM smartphones. So what is the secret of their success, when there are countless Android smartphone brands?

#first. How to price users and Samsung

I say this to make it easy for you to imagine: For Samsung, the 2 to 5 million segment for them is the cheap segment. As for users, when Chinese OEMs have invaded every playground, the cheap segment for users is from 3 million or less.

Samsung considers the price range of 5 to 15 million to be a mid-range smartphone, while for most users, this segment is from 3 to 10 million.

Similarly, Samsung considers the high-end to high-end segment to be between 15 and 30 million, while for users it is only 10 to 17 million.

It is clear that with the expansion of Chinese OEM forces, the way users are priced has changed a lot, and there is a clear differentiation between segments, but this pricing way is much different. with Samsung.

Is this an illusion about prices, or do they have more quality things, are worth more money than most?

samsung-galaxy-when-not-imaginative-imagined-is-deciding-on-a-family-law (1)

#2. Samsung strategy

For Samsung users, perhaps they also realize this strategy when compared to other smartphones: The strategy of premiumizing the low-cost segment.

This is not difficult to see, because it covers all segments of Samsung, except for the high-end segment, of course, because it is the most advanced, so how to see the premiumization in this segment too!

Good things to see: Low- and mid-range smartphones with big screens. At the same time, the panels they use are mostly Super AMOLED, homegrown panels are very expensive, with resolutions up to 2K.

They bring down the segment of the camera sensor larger than the flagship, the unprecedented flagship technologies, the specific designs of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. And what they cut back on is the configuration, to re-segment the genuine machines that are right where it's not in that segment.

For example: Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 with in-screen fingerprint sensor, macro camera, multiple rear cameras, perforated screen design, … it would not be strange for them to sell this device at a price around. 15 because because in general, it is not much inferior to the Galaxy S10, but the chip re-segment it down to mid-range.

Next: Galaxy A80 with a rotating rear camera design, thin screen bezel, high-quality glass, it could be a flagship of a Chinese OEM if they use the 855 chip instead of the 730 chip. .

samsung-galaxy-when-imaginative-is-not-forgetting-the-law-of-family-law (2)

That is also the reason that in 2019, they ignored Snapdragon chips aimed at gaming capabilities like Snapdragon 855+ or Snapdragon 730G, as well as not participating in the Gaming phone race.

Simply because they do not feel beneficial if they participate. And so, only the Chinese guys are eager to configure.

Samsung smartphones have more eye-catching designs: I have explained why colors affect the sales of a smartphome already, and Samsung knows this so they apply it very thoroughly.

If from 2018 and earlier, Samsung had only 3 main colors for all phone segments from cheap to high-end (that is copper gold, silver gray and black), now is different.

Today's smartphones have all seven colors of the rainbow, or the colors of Aura Glow are also colorful of the rainbow. This easily boosts sales in their budget segment, especially the Galaxy A series devices.

samsung-galaxy-when-not-imaginative-imagined-is-deciding-on-a-family-law (1)

In short, from the strategy they use, in addition to their brand value, the price they offer is higher than other OEMs for a reason. But personally, I'm still a little bit virtual, do you see that?

# 3. Conclude

By improving overall quality instead of choosing just the configuration, Samsung has a very strong foothold in the hearts of users, whether what they do seems to be not very optimized, or not suitable for many. user form.

But still have to admit one thing, Samsung applied this strategy so far very well and has given them the rankings can not be shaken in the mobile market.

How do you feel about this strategy of Samsung, or do you prefer the strategies of Chinese OEMs? Leave your comments below this article!

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