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Scam ETH uses the image of Elon Musk as a bait on YouTube

Scam ETH has just appeared on YouTube and used the image of Tesla founder Elon Musk as a bait. The fraudsters require sending ETH to verify the address to be eligible to receive a double return on their investment.

Elon Musk – Founder of Tesla

Scam Elon Musk just appeared on YouTube

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, is not a stranger to crypto scams. Over the past few years, his name has been constantly 'ripped' on rudimentary websites, exchanges, and giveaway, mostly due to his open support for cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin.

While most of these scams are so ridiculous that they don't fool anyone, associating with Musk's name has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen before. Most of the attackers focused on Twitter, where Musk regularly interacted with his followers.

However, when the number of scams on Twitter related to Musk increased, hackers used other social networks. The latest cryptocurrency scam appeared on YouTube and hackers used a fairly innovative approach to attract gullible investors.

In particular, the hacker streamed various Musk interviews in which he talked about Tesla, cryptocurrencies, technological innovation and most importantly, ETH. The livestream has been played for more than 12 hours until 7 this morning (Vietnam time) and confirmed there will be “Tesla Ethereum airdrop". Details are listed in the video description.

Do not send ETH to Elson Musk

Although there are no specific calls to action for video, but the livestream lists websites where investors can visit to join the giveaway. A quick visit to a website called Elon Live shows it is nothing more than a landing page listing “billing address”.

Visitors are instructed to send 5 – 500 ETH to this address to verify their address. In return, the site will immediately send back twice the amount they have sent. Specifically:

After we receive your transaction, the delivery will be processed at your address. Although sent too late then you will receive get BTC immediately".

This website says there are 20,000 ETH to giveaway. According to the live information on the website, there is less than 130 ETH left to send this morning. Revisiting the website reveals another random amount of ETH.


Screenshot showing the amount of ETH remaining to giveaway | Source:


Screenshot showing the amount of ETH remaining to giveaway after revisiting the site

However, data from Etherscan shows that Elon Live has a balance of just over 18 ETH, received from 3 transactions over the past 4 days. Their account has no outgoing transactions, which means that the account has money but does not send any coins.


Screenshot showing the transaction to the given address recorded on the Elon Live website | Source:

Check out more shows The website security certificate was issued on March 9, as the website used 3 different IP addresses. All are based in Germany.

Thuy Trang

According to Cryptoslate

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