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Scams more than 15 billion to invest in Bitcoin and "suddenly" became mentally ill

Fraudsters more than 15 billion pour into Bitcoin

To have money to play and “invest” in Bitcoin, Vu Thanh Cong (33 years old, living in Phu Lam commune, Tan Phu district, Dong Nai) used many tricks to trick 23 victims, thereby appropriated over 15 billion. Recently, the People's Court of Binh Duong Province brought this case to trial.

According to the indictment, in March 2017, Mr. Nguyen Phung Hung and Ms. Truong Thi Xuyen agreed to contribute money to buy Toyota Vios BS: 51F-852.09 worth more than 700 million VND. The two sides agreed to allow Mr. Nguyen Dang Ke (resident of Tam Binh, Q. Thu Duc) to own the car ownership. Because he was acquainted because he was a co-worker of Thien Cong Company (located in Di An Town, Binh Duong), on July 15, 2017, Cong borrowed the car of Mr. Hung and Ms. Xuyen to return to his wife's hometown in Tra Vinh province. Mr. Hung and Ms. Xuyen agreed. On the same day, Cong went to Mrs. Xuyen's house in P. An An (Di An Township) to receive the car.

After a long time not to see Cong bring the car to pay, early September 2017, Ms. Xuyen called to rush to return the car, Cong said that the car had caused a fatal accident in Thu Duc District. custody. Doubting about the incident, Mr. Hung and Ms. Xuyen went to the Thu Duc District Police Department to find out information. District police confirmed, not accepting any accident related to Toyota Vios BS: 51F-852.09.

On October 16, 2017, Cong went to the People's Committee of Binh Hung Hoa A Ward (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) to certify the paper car sale dated October 16, 2017, the seller is Mr. Nguyen Dang Ke, the buyer is Vu Thanh Cong. Here, Cong was accepted by Mr. Truong Cong Dung (the justice officer of the ward). Mr. Dung drafted his own testimony to submit to the ward leader for signature.

Vu Thanh Cong was taken to the court
Vu Thanh Cong was taken to the court

Having obtained a certificate, on October 20, 2017, Cong hired the name Hung for VND8.5 million to help carry out the procedure of renaming the Toyota Vios from Nguyen Dang Ke to Vu Thanh Cong. After that, Cong hired an object (of unknown identity) for VND 12 million to roam this car to Dong Nai province, making a new registration plate for registration plate of 60A-425.17, owned by Cong in his name. owned.

On November 6, 2017, at Dang Van Khanh Notary Office (P13, Q. Binh Thanh), Cong and his wife Thach Thi Sa Roong (living in Luong Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province) signed a selling contract. the car is for Mr. Pham Duc Cuong (living in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City) with the price of VND 500 million.

When he learned that Cong borrowed a car but did not pay, but also made the procedure to change his name, Mr. Ke, Mr. Hung and Ms. Xuyen made a complaint denying the act of appropriating his property and sending it to the Binh Duong Province Police. According to the Expertise Conclusion No. 05 / GĐ-PC54 dated January 18, 2018 of the Binh Duong Police Department's Criminal Technical Department, the signature and writing of Mr. Nguyen Dang Ke's full name under the "vehicle owner" section on some papers The car sale sheet dated October 16, 2017, was certified at the People's Committee of Binh Hung Hoa A Ward (Binh Tan District) compared to the written word, Mr. Ke's signature is not written by the same person. Papers and documents, such as paper remittances into the state budget, value added invoices … compared to the written form of Cong are written by the same person.

Asset inspection council concluded that Toyote Vios G produced in 2017, had run 8,100km, worth 555 million VND. During the investigation, the Police Investigation Police Department of Binh Duong Province recovered the vehicle and returned it to the owner. Mr. Cuong himself was the victim of Cong's car purchase, but did not know this was an appropriation, so he was exempt from criminal prosecution.

Vu Thanh Cong was admitted to the Central Mental Hospital 2
Vu Thanh Cong was admitted to the Central Mental Hospital 2

According to the indictment No. 12 / CT-VKS-P1 of the People's Procuracy of Binh Duong province and the Criminal Investigation Conclusion No. 67 / KLĐT-PC03 of the provincial police, the investigation process, publicize the entire amount acquired after the car is sold to “invest” in Bitcoin virtual currency. Cong also claimed that from April to July 2017, he tricked 23 customers to buy 5.4 hectares of land (the owner is another person) to cheat more than 15 billion VND, and then buy Bitcoin virtual money. , but lost out clean.

At the trial at the first instance trial, Cong was as bewildered as people with dementia. After a quick consultation at the court, the Trial panel stopped the trial and asked the defendant to be examined for mental examination. About a week ago, the Psychiatric Evaluation Council concluded that Cong completely lost his memory and went into a mental state. Therefore, the Police Investigation Agency of Binh Duong Province has assigned Cong to the Central Psychiatric Hospital 2 (Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai) for continued monitoring and treatment.

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