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Share 8 cool iOS 13 tips you should know! - Knowledge sharing blog

Note: Please read the article carefully before proceeding! If in the process of using you encounter any errors, such as broken download links, slow loading blog, or not being able to access a certain page on the blog … then please inform me through the Contact page. Thanks!

IOS 13 has been updated by Apple for a while now. With this new operating system, Apple has provided a lot of feature improvements compared to the previous iOS 12 version.

Regarding new features on iOS 13, the blog has a few posts introduced by you @Nam Hoang, so I will not repeat it in this article again. If you do not know anything about iOS 13, you can read through the following articles:

Yes, to master your iPhone, you need to understand what your device has. What features does it own? and you must know how to use as many features as possible.

I know that the brothers on the blog are mostly tech people, so maybe many of you here already know.

content-ios-13 (1)

However, in this article I will still summarize 8 extremely useful tips and tricks that will make the process of using your iPhone more convenient and more professional.

If you are new to iOS 13, I believe this article is very useful for you!

#first. Use the Dark Mode interface on iOS 13 (dark interface)

The dark background is really beautiful, especially in the evening or when you use your iPhone in low light.

But of course, the main purpose of the Dark Mode interface is not to decorate, beautify … its main function is mainly to protect your eyes when using the phone at night, and it is also help save battery for your phone (if your device has an OLED screen).

You can activate the dark theme on iOS 13 extremely easily and quickly with the following two ways:

Method 1: Access to section Cài đặtMàn hình & độ sáng → Select Tối.

art-ios-13 (2)

Note: You can turn on the mode Automatic This will automatically change the Dark and Light theme for you according to your time zone and time zone. During the day it will display a light background, and at night it will automatically switch to the Dark background.

Method 2: Also, one way to enable Dark Mode interface on iOS 13 even faster is, you go Trung tâm điều khiển => hold down the light up and down icons.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (1)

Well, now you can turn on / off the dark theme on iOS 13 quickly and offline.


#2. Reduce spam calls with phone numbers not in your contacts

If you are tired of spam calls, calls from strange numbers…. the phone keeps ringing and making your sleep harder and more annoying, why not try the silent feature Unknown Caller Updated in iOS 13?

When you turn this feature on, it will automatically mute any calls that are not in your phone book.

But of course, the caller can still leave a voicemail and will still appear in your recent call list. To enable this feature, do the following:

Perform: Go to section Cài đặt → select Điện thoạiTắt tiếng cuộc gọi không rõ (You can switch to the right is fine).

art-ios-13 (3)

If you combine call blocking and contacts, you will have less spam calls coming to your iPhone.

# 3. Improve photo editing capabilities

In this new version, iOS 13 has provided users with more powerful photo editing functions.

Just find an image you want to edit and adjust it to look better, with the new features in image editing tools on iOS 13, you can freely create, edit according to your preferences. your.

art-ios-13 (4)

# 4. Use mobile data mode low on iOS 13

Low data mode helps your device reduce mobile data usage to a lower level, so it will save your 3G / 4G capacity.

When you enable this mode, the device will turn off all background communications, background sync tasks, background app refresh feature (Background App Refresh) will also be turned off.

In addition, applications also suspend synchronization tasks until you have an unlimited network connection again.

=> Generally all background processes will be temporarily suspended, but when you activate this mode, the application Photos It will not backup your photos.

This mode will be really useful when you are running out of 3G / 4G capacity. Or your monthly DATA storage plan is too modest.

How to enable low data mode when using 3G / 4G

Perform: Go to section Cài đặtTùy chọn dữ liệu di độngBật chế độ dữ liệu thấp.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (4)

To turn on low data when using Wi-Fi

Also very simple, you do the following: Go to Settings => Wi-Fi => then click the letter i as shown below.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (5)

Then activate Chế độ dữ liệu thấp (slide the switch to the right) is done.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (6)

Note: You won't be able to use apps or movies if they require a high data rate, so consider turning it on.

Also, when the Battery is running low or you want to save battery, go in Trung tâm điều khiển => and enable Battery saving mode.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (3)

# 5. Change fast WIFI network from control center

If you want to change Wifi network quickly? You do not need to go to Settings as usual anymore, from now on you can perform directly from Trung tâm điều khiển.

Perform: We just need to open the control center => then touch and hold the Wifi switch button to access available Wifi networks and click to change to that Wifi network.

me-su-dung-ios-13 (2)

Then change to the desired Wi-Fi network!

art-ios-13 (5)

# 7. Access to external storage via file application

The Files app currently supports external storage devices, such as USB hard drives and flash drives. Just connect the USB storage device to the iPhone and you'll see it's available in the app Tệp.

You need to use the Lightning port to a USB adapter to gain access to this capability, which is generally a great function to get access to your photos or videos in your old phone.

#8. Set to automatically read iPhone messages via AirPods

If you have an AirPods connected to your iPhone then I believe you will love this feature.

This new feature allows Siri to read the name of the incoming message and the content of the message when the user cannot open the message directly.

Accordingly, this feature will read every new message sent and respond to those messages through the settings available with Airpod headset.

+ Step 1: First, please connect your AirPod to iPhone first, when connected, it will display a pop-up as shown below.

You clicked Announce Messages With Siri (Notify messages by Siri)


+ Step 2: Next, you access the section Cài đặt => select Thông báo (Notifications) => select next Thông báo tin nhắn bằng Siri (Announce Messages with Siri) as follows:


+ Step 3: Now enable the feature Thông báo tin nhắn bằng Siri up (green switch on the right)


In addition, you can also activate the feature Trả lời mà không cần xác nhận to avoid inconvenience. Because by default, when you read the content for Siri to send messages, Siri will read it again after you finish writing the message to avoid being sent wrong.

However, many people do not like using this feature because it takes a lot of time, so if you do not like it can be turned off.


Yes, these are the tips that I find very interesting on iOS 13 that you should know to be able to master your device.

What do you think of these tips on iOS 13? In addition to the tips that I have just shared above, if you are using any features that you think are useful, do not hesitate to share so that you can learn and discuss offline.

Hope this article will be helpful to you, wish you success!

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