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Share old WordPress posts automatically on social media

Share old WordPress posts automatically on social mediaSharing content on social media has the potential to drive traffic and engagement. But what about the old part you created the previous time? These posts will serve you again by sharing old WordPress posts automatically on social media.

This is especially effective if you have lots of relevant content available.

Next, I'll show you a simple way to set up how to automatically republish old posts from WordPress.

Why share old posts in social media?

You have access to so many incredible social media tools to help drive website traffic. Many of these focus on sharing newly created content with followers.

However as time goes by, you will definitely gain new fans and followers. This is a good opportunity for these new visitors who are unaware of the older content on your side to help them.

Share older posts with new people who have a chance to see what you have available. When you reuse old posts on your side, you add them the opportunity to bring in more traffic.

Another point to consider is how not everyone who follows your social profile sees the post in their feed. This is because social content feeds like Facebook or Twitter are often filled with incredible posts.

Fans don't really capture anything from the friends they care about.

Use the Revive Old Post Plugin

Today, I'm presenting a little bit of what Revive Old Post does to your WordPress website. The plugin offers you lots of customization options from choosing the number of posts to share to the specific hashtag.

This is a popular WordPress plugin to repost old posts directly from your website. Although the free version is limited to it, you will still find it useful and then decide to buy professional tools.

Install and then activate the Revive Old Post plugin.


Click on the Revive Old Revive option from the left panel on WordPress.


At this screen, you will see all the available social accounts managed by the plugin.

Add social accounts

Click the add network account button at the bottom.


Revive Old Posts supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest at the time of this tutorial. However, the free version of the plugin will only be used for Twitter, Facebook accounts.

Fortunately, this is enough for many people who want to see if this tool is worth the extra money to visit other social sites.

Before you use this social auto WordPress plugin, you'll need the API key for most systems. You get these through the various platforms available, most of them free.

For example, you can access the website of the Twitter developer to set up your own API key. Remember the application process with Twitter will take some time.

Click the social network you want to add to Revive old posts. In this example, I will connect Twitter to the website. This means the plugin will forward the old post from WordPress.


Enter the API key with the same information as your chosen social site.


When you log into the system, you are started to modify the settings to automatically post to social media.

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General Settings tab


General settings tab next to the plugin where you will choose how the tool works. You are set a minimum time, a maximum of party posts as well as a minimum time to share.

This means that you can choose an article that is more than four months old but no more than two years old if you want.

You can also enter the categories you want to include or exclude, such as specific tags or categories.

Post Format Tab


At the Post Format tab, you can modify specific details about how to share your content with certain social media websites. This includes the maximum number of characters, custom fields, hashtags, and more.

For example, you choose to create a hashtag from your portfolio, tags at WordPress or add your own purpose for general use.

Personally, I prefer to use tags from WordPress because I often try to keep them similar when posting content.

Custom Schedule tab


Unfortunately, installing Custom Schedule with this plugin is only available in Business edition. If you choose to upgrade, this is where you will customize the schedule type as well as the amount of time it will spend in hours.

This gives you a little more control as this will enable the feature especially if you have a lot of content on the website.

Sharing Queue tab

The Sharing Queue will only display all posts that your website is ready to post. This means information will only be available when the plugin starts retrieving older posts from your repository.

Here, you will see what is about to happen and when it will launch.

Excludes specific posts from auto-sharing on social media

Revive Old Posts gives you the ability to skip specific content. This is useful because you own a few time-sensitive posts but are still valid for SEO.

For example, you won't want to share news event articles about something that happened in 2016 like new.

Click on the “Exclude Posts” option to exclude posts from the left.


You are looking for specific posts in the top area. When you come across something you want to exclude, hover over the post and click on this post exclusion option.


When excluded, posts will change pink. This indicates the selected post will not be used by the auto social updater plugin.


You can also choose specific post types and categorize them for exclusion as well. However, the choice of post type is limited to the pro version. If you upgrade, you may choose to exclude all custom post types you use on the website.


Revive old content on your side to increase traffic

When you share old WordPress posts automatically on social media, there's the potential to increase your target market. That is the fact that many experts will use to grow their fan base as well as target new fans and followers.

Do not discredit the oldest posts. After all, even a search on Google will show articles over 10 years old depending on the terms and popularity of the content.

How do you revive old content on your website?

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