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Steemit countered Justin Sun, CEO Binance apologized to Steem users after learning the lesson of life

The Steem takeover story is still controversial, but the most shocking and surprising thing of the moment is who controls Steemit, where Justin Sun used his money to acquire?

This is a difficult question!

Does Justin Sun really control Steemit?

The reputation of Justin Sun, a marketing talent in the crytpto village, is at stake. The so-called takeover of Steem blockchain has caused CEOs of Tron Foundation and Bittorent to work hard on Facebook.

The recent revelation on Twitter has given him some evidence to prove that a hacker attack on the Steem blockchain is real.

On the other hand, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also made it clear, to clean up because his reputation is “smeared” as much as Justin Sun.

In a series of tweets a few hours ago, Justin Sun once again relayed what he accused hackers of attacking the Steem blockchain, and he needed urgent votes from familiar exchanges (Binance, Houbi and Poloniex). ) to maintain the system.

Justin Sun says:

We never appropriated any blockchain but to protect the dignity of privacy! On February 22, some ppl froze 65 million STEEM that are legally owned by Steemit. On March 3, the same ppl is trying to freeze floor assets. We need to stop it!

The tweet attracted a lot of mixed reactions, ironically, the comment below that tweet brought more questions from Steemit's Twitter account, the main platform Justin Sun bought last month.

In the comments, Steemit challenged Justin Sun to freeze a number of accounts on the platform, which they said could be from the wrong media intent and misinterpretation, saying that the right dialogue is the only means to take the community forward.

We enjoy working with you Justin Sun (diplomatic saying). Freezing any accounts is not correct. There may be intentions of misinformation and misunderstandings, we are here, listen to your employees, the only way to move forward is through conversations, Steemit responded.

The challenge of this new owner really made many members of the cryptocurrency community wonder about who is currently controlling Steemit and the manager of Steemit's Twitter account, they seem to be having an extremely underground civil war. fierce and divided, each with a trench, one side is a veteran loyal to Steem from the beginning and the other is a rookie team led by Justin Sun to conquer the blockhouse.

Binance CEO apologizes to Steemit users

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated on Twitter that Binance will reduce STEEM strength, which will take at least several hours. He said he had learned some lessons about this problem and sincerely apologized to Steemit-owned users.

“Thanks for answering. I think it is pretty clear now. Binance will reduce the STEEM power, at least it will take a few hours, continue to withdraw money and go from there. We make mistakes, but we always listen to our community, Mr. CZ shared.

As Bitcoin Magazine reported yesterday, Changpeng Zhao had a long letter of affection about this to the press, that he knew nothing about the vote, just thinking that this was a normal upgrade or fork ( happens continuously), Justin Sun did not tell himself what was happening until the community condemned. He dismissed the accusation of collusion with Sun in order to usurp the Steemit blockchain and said that he and Justin Sun were not close friends for cam, only collaborating on the work because Sun had previously donated $ 3 million to the charity of Binance should “respect” only.

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