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Summary of 7 conditions for websites to advertise Google Shopping

Summary of 7 conditions of website advertising Google Shopping. Google Shopping is the most effective type of Google advertising for businesses selling goods on the website. However, to be able to advertise Google Shopping is not simple at all. On the one hand, the advertising setup process is more complicated than other types, on the other hand is the condition for Google to allow businesses to advertise Google Shopping quite rigid.

This article SEODO will cover the conditions The website must satisfy to advertise Google Shopping:

1. Website of an enterprise must be a website of sale

This is the first condition for websites to advertise Google Shopping or not

Website needs to have the simple functions of a shopping cart website, payment function, ….

Your site's footer should have at least 2 of the following:

  • Email address: Best if your email has the same domain as the website
  • Phone number
  • Business address

* Note: “Contact us” or “Contact us” forms will not be counted as contact information.

3. Clear information on Payment Terms and Conditions (Reference links):

Clear information is needed on the webiste:

  • Payment terms and conditions must be clear and conspicuous to the user.
  • Payment terms and conditions cannot be provided solely via an affiliate link.
  • Prices and payment methods must be clear and placed on the site in a location that is visible to the user. Providing prices and payment information in very small print on the website is not considered to be conspicuous to the user.

google shopping

4. Return and refund policies (Reference links):

Must clearly mention how the return policy and refund policy work (Need to distinguish these 2 different policies)

Basically, you need to mention clearly to shoppers about who they are buying from and where to move in case there is a problem.

This is not entirely mandatory, if your business does not have a return and refund policy, write down the website in a visible position (foot, header) for Google experts to review and see.

5. Payment information security

When processing personal information from customers, make sure that your website uses secure processing services (SSL protected, with a valid SSL certificate).

Currently there are many hosting for SSL Free, but if the paid version of SSL will be much better

6. Complete the payment process ( Reference links )

You need to make sure users can add products to the cart and complete the checkout process easily.

If you have multiple payment methods, you must have a checkmark in choosing a method so that users can easily select the method that's right for them.

7. Use the currency method appropriate to the locality you sell

As for the process of dealing with Merchant Center, Merchant Center currently has a support page in Vietnamese so you can find out here if you have any other questions about your Merchant Center account: # topic = 7259123

In the event that your review fails, after successful editing, please fill out the form below for Google experts to access the website for review.

Here it is 7 conditions that website needs to satisfy before possible Google Shopping ad. Hope our community will comply with Google's regulations to avoid long-term risks.

If you have any questions, please comment down below, let's discuss!

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Doan Kien / Founder SEODO

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