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The Belgian government will sell 125,000 USD of Bitcoin confiscated at auction in Ireland

The Belgian government will auction $ 125,000 worth of Bitcoin at the end of this month

Wilsons Auctions – the UK and Ireland's largest auction house, will auction $ 125,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) by the end of this month.

In one notification On March 6, Wilsons revealed the auction will be held by Wilsons Auctions Dublin on March 24.

The BTC is owned by the Belgian Federal government – the country that has confiscated cryptocurrency in criminal cases and is currently cooperating with the Asset Recovery Department of Wilsons to handle the Bitcoin.

Auction will not be limited, ie no minimum price is set for the winning bid.

First public online auction in Ireland

While the Wilsons have previously held cryptocurrency auctions in various formats, this time it was the first public online cryptocurrency auction in Ireland.

Mark Woods – a managing director of property recovery at Wilsons, commented on the auction:

"The proven form is popular with our customers who can bid online and buy cryptocurrencies from an established and reliable auction house instead of using exchanges. Online translation – which can cause risks and problems. “

He added that Wilsons will provide beginner guides on cryptocurrencies, with the aim of allowing all investors to participate in “a level playing field.”

Woods expressed his positive attitude about the auction house's recent cooperation with international experts, law enforcement agencies and government agencies in the field of cryptocurrencies, noting that this strategy allow contractors to stay on top of the developments.

Sold 1-2-3!

Wilsons revealed that contractors from more than 90 countries around the world participated in auctions involving cryptocurrency assets seized by the Belgian government earlier this year.

The auction house also held a Monero (XMR) auction in January, dumping XMR arrested by UK law enforcement, as well as auctions of various cryptocurrencies in the fall. last year.

As reported, auctions have become a popular means for governments and law enforcement agencies to confiscate confiscated cryptocurrencies, in the same way that the United States deals with crypto assets from darknet Silk Road market.

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