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The ETH price targets $ 700 in June after a major pullback

Traders are still bullish on ETH and cherishing hope the price will rise this summer. However, some people believe it can happen only after a big pullback.

At the same time, it seems that the 'giants' holder has recently accumulated ETH as if they were also expecting a price increase in the near future.

'The price can start clearing up to 700 dollars '

Today, in a discussion below his tweet, trader Bitcoin Jack reiterated an earlier tweet. The expert predicts that around June / July, ETH could rise to $ 700 or even higher.

However, he said firstly the price will plummet to the area of ​​$ 166 – 186.

“Entirely possible”

The first tweet indicated the entry point that he believes is perfect for ETH.

“166 dollar is entry point as beautiful as a dream for ETH"

'ETH offers the highest ROI'

Trader CryptoWolf seems to be a long-term ETH bull. I hope ETH will produce the highest ROI in the next bull run.

"At the peak of the next bull market, ETH will bring me the highest ROI".

“The largest ETH holder hard-working accumulated recently”

Three Arbow Capital's CEO, Su Zhu, shared some important data from the Santiment organization.

"The largest ETH holder take care of accumulation in recent times"

The subsequent report said that the 100 largest ETH whales have begun to accumulate large amounts of ETH. They have done so for about 2 weeks, despite the consolidated ETH price.

The report confirms these holders believe that ETH is undervalued.

"The top 100 ETH holders are once again starting to accumulate higher percentages in the token's total supply, despite the consolidation of prices over the past few weeks. In general, as this type of accumulation begins to rise, it's a signal that the most ETH stake holders (and the corresponding tokens) begin to have a general sense of the token being undervalued and believe that the central hold The long term is a great decision. Sometimes these price increases take some time after accumulating. "

You can see the price of ETH here.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Investors should research carefully before making a decision. We are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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