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The most effective financial investment channels in 2020 -

Anyone who has spare money wants them to multiply, instead of “lying still” in one place. Therefore, many people look to different financial investment channels to increase their profits. Especially, in the era of internet boom, financial investment is more and more popular than ever. Because they are simple, easy and do not take too much time. So among the current financial investment channels, which one is the most effective? If you are also interested in this field, don't miss our next article.

What is financial investment?

Financial investment is the use of (idle) money invested in financial activities such as securities, bonds, treasury bills, etc., or capital contribution to an enterprise in the form of joint venture capital contribution or purchase. shares to make a profit. Thus, any form of investment that helps “money to raise money” is also considered financial investment.

History of financial investment

In fact, investment appeared very early, from the 1700s BC, in a law called the “Hammurabi Code” issued by the sixth king of Babylon. This is not only considered the oldest law, but also the conventions relating to borrowing, pledge and mortgage of property.

Not only that, the Babylonians are also considered the ancestors in the development of the price system platform still in use today: business transactions (interest rates), monetary fines for 'illegal', inheritance rules, laws regarding how private property is taxed or distributed, follow Wikipedia.

And this was confirmed even more when the trading of stocks, bonds, and securities began to become frantic since 1900. Therefore, hoarding investment is almost one of the instincts flowing in. human blood. Everyone needs a certain safety, so there is always a psychological prevention, so that in any case, it can withstand unexpected events happening to each person.

How is investment different from speculation?

This is the most frequently confused concept today. Investing is buying an asset in the hope that it will increase in the future. After that, the owner of the property will decide to sell for a profit, which can be considered as a long-term business method.

Investment forms are usually done through an intermediary organization such as investment funds, banks, brokers, or insurance companies in the form of investment trusts or unit trusts. Therefore, this mode of investment is more popular abroad than Vietnam, because each individual involved will have to pay a lot of money for intermediary organizations. Should invest primarily to diversify assets, to avoid risks, but really not too efficient or gain a hefty profit as expected by many people.

Meanwhile, speculation is a short-term trading and trading action, so there will be more risks. One of the most popular forms of speculation today is forex or stocks. However, because Vietnamese people are used to calling all forms make a profit is an investment, regardless of time or feature level. So in this article, we also call all forms of profitability as financial investments in general, for your convenience.

Why should join financial investment?

Financial investment: inherent human instinct

Birth, aging, illness and death are 4 stages in every human life. Nobody knows when they will live, no one knows when they are sick, when they are in trouble. But the habit of “being a hybrid of aphrodisiacs, a very simple situation” means that the luck (happiness) is not up to 2 times, while the bad luck is always unexpected. And once disaster has occurred, it will never be once, always many times!

Therefore, the fact that people are always looking for ways to increase their wealth is also seen as a way to combat the “calamity” happening to themselves. In case that happens, we can use this source of money and other sources of money to solve the problem and help everything return to the same balance.

Not only that, but the old age is also the time when people seem to need the most money to pay for their own medical expenses, or our needs, at which point we (probably) would not. I can do it by myself.

In particular, with the inherent psychology of this ancient Vietnamese, many people live too seriously and always want to leave “something” to their children and grandchildren. Therefore, financial investment will certainly be one of the plans to be implemented, so that the money can generate as much money as possible, as soon as possible.

Therefore, investing early, in addition to bringing your own experience, to understand the feeling of making 1 money like, also helps the mind become more sensitive to making money. The more you invest, the more potential opportunities you will see. Or know how to exploit gold mines in many fields, when they are just formed, in order to increase opportunities and more profits.

Also, with a risky profession like financial investment, everyone must stumble at least a few times. Even the genius short-selling securities like Jesse Livermore went bankrupt 3 times, the last time he was nearly 60 years old, combined with the deadlock in his marriage, made Jesse commit suicide. It can be seen that, being human, everyone will make mistakes, no matter how good you are. Early investment will create a reflex to support future events, which is also a way to help yourself become stronger.

Even if you notice not only ordinary people but also millionaires or billionaires in the world, they started to practice financial investment at an early age. Billionaire Warren Buffett made the first $ 35 worth of money, at 13, thanks to the delivery of newspapers and bicycle sales. Or Bill Gate, who was planning a business with his friend, to build a traffic counter based on an Intel 8008 processor, when he was only 17 years old.

Seek financial and spiritual freedom

Only 24 hours a day, everyone, like everyone, must work to earn a living. But sometimes the main job does not generate income worth the effort you spend. Therefore, many people choose or seek online financial investment methods, so as not to affect their main job and gain additional income.

All people are hard-working because of this, because everyone wants to have a comfortable life. First is to serve your needs, then you can guard against uncertainty as we said above. To avoid making money and not seeing money, investing in finance is the best way to help you not only have a passive income, but also be more proactive, not too worried about money, as well as having time to take care of yourself and your family.

Discover yourseft

It sounds strange, but financial investment is an interesting adventure, to develop yourself to explore deep inside each person.

The French have the saying: “Métro, boulot, dodo” mean subway, go to work, go to sleep, used to describe a person's everyday activities. It seems we all are in this cycle from day to day. When life is too calm, too quiet, especially when the three activities are repeated continuously, it will make many people feel this life is too boring. Therefore, participating in financial investment activities will help promote “dopamine” or “happy hormone” in yourself. To discover the true characteristics or people deep inside. If only “go to work, eat, sleep” and then “go to work, eat, sleep” then it will be really difficult to realize that.

Against the devaluation of money

While the recent pandemic of pneumonia has been raging in recent times, many people are worried about an economic crisis scenario that may occur worldwide. Although the economic crisis has not happened, but with the price skyrocketing. Showing that it is necessary to hoard, or invest in, an area. To increase your financial self, to overcome the crisis period that may occur in the future.

The most effective financial investment channel today

There are many channels for participating in financial investments and are often divided into two main types: long-term and short-term investments. However, this division is only relative because it depends a lot on the plan of each person. Because sometimes there are events that make you even plan a long-term investment, but become short-term, such as having to sell land to pay off debts due to business losses. While maybe initially, you plan to sell the plot for 10 or 20 years, or save it for your children and grandchildren later.

Buy gold

Among the popular financial investment channels, buying gold is probably the most popular and preferred form. Especially, when the economic situation, political instability, currency devaluation, many people still consider gold a “safe haven”.

In particular, gold is not just a mere asset class but it has more meaning than that. Like India, a country famous for “gold rush” to the point where gold appears in every aspect of life, giving birth also gives gold, weddings also give gold … Many Indians also see gold as a symbol of wealth. have. So everyone will find ways to store gold, buy gold to dowry or to show status, class.

Or if you travel to Myanmar, you will find that the country has many gold-plated temples. Although Myanmar is still an underdeveloped country, any temple built here, people are willing to buy gold for merit to enter the temple, using them to gold-plated. So if you ever fly to Yangon, from above you will see the towers, the temples are sparkling with gold!

Therefore, almost no one commodity has value like gold. Investing in gold becoming one of the most attractive investment channels is also extremely understandable.

However, many people believe that buying gold will require a large amount of capital. In fact not so, you can buy little by little after each pay 1-2 for example. If you work hard to accumulate you will have a large amount of gold in the near future.

It should be noted, gold will always grow strongly in times of economic difficulties. If choosing to invest in gold, tracking the price of gold and updating the political and economic situation is an extremely necessary task, in order to make timely buying and selling decisions in order to bring maximum profits, you.

Bank savings deposit

In addition to gold, bank savings are a form that almost everyone thinks of when they have idle money, because they are stable thanks to the monthly interest payment.

However, under the deposit insurance law, if the credit institution goes bankrupt, the savings deposit person will receive a maximum insurance amount of VND 75 million, including both principal and interest. In addition, with the interest rate of 6% – 8% a year, the bank deposit interest is no longer attractive to many as before. In particular, with the constantly rising inflation rate, the current interest rates of banks only help investors have a safe place to store money, but not to make a profit.

Not only that, the current banking security is also confusing, when many people are cheated, or lose money in their accounts, only after one night without understanding why.

Real estate investment

Although this is a highly effective financial investment channel “a four-capital capital” because housing demand is increasing sharply, especially in big cities. However, to participate in real estate investment, you need to have a large amount of capital, regardless of the need to know more other information such as investment location, construction unit, project quality … Therefore The bigger the investment – the more the profits – the higher the risk. These issues need to be anticipated before participating in the project.

You should also determine which area you want to invest in, as real estate has many different types from land plots, houses, apartments or offices for rent … Not to mention, real estate is the picture. prices are often blown, especially in a project is “fever”. Therefore, please thoroughly research or consult with experienced people, before investing in real estate.

Securities investment

Securities investment can be considered as an attractive profit channel for investors. A form of capital spending to buy securities codes that are circulating in the market and then waiting for the price to rise to sell to earn profits from the price difference.

The theory is so, but the reality is not simple at all. Because encountering risks in securities investment is inevitable. So in addition to the theory, knowledge of the investment market, the sensitivity and a little luck also contribute to your success.

There are two ways to invest in securities: Direct investment and indirect investment.

Direct investment: You will not have to go through any intermediaries, but invest directly in stocks that you feel trustworthy, based on your understanding.

Indirect investment: Through intermediary organizations are professional investment companies and financial investment funds. Intermediary organizations will use your capital to invest in companies and businesses that have potential to grow in the future, thereby generating profits and bringing back to investors.

Forex investment

Many people think that the financial market is a very scary place where people have to find ways to trample on each other to live.

In fact, in any environment there is competition, not just finance or forex. But competition in forex is a healthy one, not in the form of a trumpet, trampling on each other. So, if really talented, you also do not need to rely on the back of anyone, absolutely can earn money independently.

If you think that you must always live in a place full of injustice, not allowed to express yourself, the more you should invest in forex. Especially you love the financial field and want to show your ability. If talent is exchanged for money, then forex is really where talent and money will be directly proportional to each other. The more capable you are the more money you make in this market.

So many people see forex as a life-changing dream, can become a millionaire with only a small capital of $ 100 -200 $, although this is a bit impossible, everyone has to fail a few times before. when successful. However, the profits from forex are really attractive, making everyone want to participate in this market.

Because forex operates 24/5 continuously, and only exchange via the network, not to the trading center or a certain counter. So as long as you have an internet connection, you absolutely conduct forex trading like millions of other traders.

However, forex investment is not for investors lacking knowledge and qualifications. Especially not knowing how to manage capital as well as manage your emotions, with the extremely high liquidity market, trading volume of nearly 6600 billion USD per day, can make your money evaporate in just a few minutes. blink.

Kienthucforex There are many articles forex investment guide for beginners that you can refer. In addition, you can also join forex classes compiled by kienthucforex from basic to advanced, completely free to increase your knowledge.

See more:

Financial investment fund

If you do not have in-depth knowledge about finance, stock market, do not have time to follow and follow the market closely. But still want to find a safe and convenient long-term investment channel, then there is another form that suits you better, which is to invest in the Investment Fund.

This method basically means that you only need to contribute capital to the fund, and the decision about where to invest or how to invest will be handled by the professional teams of that fund. You will earn interest if the investment is profitable and only costs a certain fee for the financial investment fund.

One thing to note is that investment funds often specify the time to participate, so you should consider financially to avoid giving up the game in the middle of the road. Because if you end sooner than expected, not only do you not pay the investment capital enough, but sometimes you will be fined or have to pay a few additional expenses incurred by the funds.

Bond investment

Bonds are probably not the most common form in Vietnam. But this is also a fairly safe form of investment, especially if you choose to buy government-issued bonds. However, they will often have lower interest rates than bonds issued by other organizations.

The nature of a bond is a form of lending between a bond investor and a bond issuer, be it government, business, bank or financial institution. Therefore, after a period of agreement in advance, the issuer will have to pay both principal and interest to bondholders.

Online financial investment

This is the most popular form of investment. Because you have just enlisted to do the main job every day, but still take advantage of the Internet to invest. Therefore, this form is becoming more and more popular. Compared to both long-term and short-term investments, online investment is likely to be both. However, this form will have many pitfalls that if not careful you will lose both capital and profit.

In fact, when divided into this form, there are some investment channels that will be repeated many times, because they depend mainly on your plan. And in many cases, because an unexpected plan will cause you to change the plan yourself, like the example we said above. So decide for yourself which channel to use for how long is best for you.

The most popular forms of online investment today include:

Forex Investment: As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit of this method is that you only need the internet and a modest capital, you can invest. However, because this is an online investment, it will be difficult to check the reputation level of the real exchange like, how the quality is. So before joining, look for reputable forex trading floor and learn step by step investment.

Online securities investment: Securities investment is probably the most popular form of investment. However, due to complicated procedures to participate in stock market, many people are not afraid.

Perhaps recognizing this disadvantage, many brokers have integrated more securities, becoming one of the main trading products of the exchange. In particular, stock codes are still fully entitled to dividends like when you trade on the underlying stock exchange, one of the extremely attractive advantages for investors when investing in securities.

However, this dividend benefit feature is not provided by every forex broker. Therefore, you should ask support at your trading floor, whether it is supported or not. In addition, you can also refer to XTB and ICMarkets, not only provide a multitude of different stocks, these two exchanges also allow you to receive dividends according to the listing schedule from Bloomberg.

P2P peer loan investments: This is a relatively new form of financial investment in which digital technology is used to directly connect borrowers with lenders (investors) without having to go through financial intermediaries like credit institutions. or bank branches.

Currently in Vietnam, there are 40 companies operating under peer-to-peer lending. However, this form also contains many risks. In particular, the Vietnamese legal system does not have separate management regulations, so you should also consider carefully before participating.

Invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies: The form has helped a lot of investors earn billions in just one night at the end of 2017 and early 2018. But after that, the “return of heaven” made a lot of people divide 5, divide 10, miserable because Bitcoin in general and cryptocurrencies in particular. This is an extremely volatile form of price manipulation. So, you need to consider when participating. It may be a form of potential investment, but investing at any time, investment is how not everyone can do.

Should financial investment for how long?

Short-term investments

Short-term investments are forms of investment with a term of less than 1 year. This is considered as a form of surfing investment, suitable for those who want to recover capital quickly, want to transfer cash flow to different business directions.

The advantage of short-term investment is that you can plan a clear personal financial plan that can almost be completed according to the plan. Because you will know when the amount of short-term investment will be needed to reinvest or use in other cases. In addition, the form of short-term investment also helps your mind special relaxation, you also recover capital and profit quickly, without worrying about being buried as long-term investment.

However, the short-term investment weakness is low returns, which may face many risks due to market fluctuations. Not to mention this method will be suitable for investors who are quick on the market rather than new ones.

Some typical short-term investment forms are:

  • Invest in bonds with terms of less than 12 months.
  • Treasury Bills.
  • Share
  • Certificates and savings deposits with term of less than 12 months
  • Surfing real estate investment
  • Forex investment

Long-term financial investments

Investment forms that last from 1 year or more, on average about 3 years. Compared to short-term investments, long-term investments will be less risky, gaining greater profits. However, investors are easily buried capital. Therefore, it is imperative that you set up a specific plan, clearly considering your investment. By the time to invest or end the investment may take several years. So in order to avoid breaking the burden in the middle of the road, careful calculations of the amount of investment capital, time of investment, and assumption of possible risks in the future should be made.

Current forms of long-term financial investment

  • Real estate investment
  • Non-term savings deposit
  • Long-term securities investment
  • Bond investment

Steps to effective financial investment

Step 1: Capital for investment

To invest financially, the first step you need to have a certain amount of capital, it is best to be idle money so you can enter the market with the most comfortable psychology. Because no one knows what will happen during the investment process, or you may lose your first visit.

Step 2: Choose the investment method that suits you best

We have listed many different ways of investing above. Consider which form is best suited to your life and conditions, to join you. However, no matter which method you choose, you should cultivate your knowledge to avoid the loss of disability

Step 3: Plan specific financial investments

You need to clearly plan the amount of investment, the length of time, and the profitability of your chosen form. Then proceed step by step 1. With the forms such as forex investment or online stock investment we introduce above, you can deposit a small amount of money first to practice proficiency, after having “enough feathers with enough wings "can join the investment with larger amounts is still not late.

Step 4: Always observe and follow the plan closely

Most of these forms of investment are profitable, but also come with a lot of risks. Therefore, in many cases you should know to pause in time to avoid encountering unnecessary trouble.

Where should personal financial investment start?

Ngoài việc lên 1 kế hoạch cụ thể như trên, bất cứ ai cũng đều hiểu rằng đầu tư luôn đi kèm với rủi ro. Chính vì thế, để tham gia thị trường tài chính, đặc biệt với tư cách 1 cá nhân, bạn nên lưu ý 1 số điểm như dưới đây.

Xác định tình trạng hiện tại của bản thân

Khi nghĩ về đầu tư, trước tiên, bạn nên xem xét đến tình hình tài chính hiện tại của mình. Đặc biệt, khoản tiền bạn dự tính đầu tư có thực sự là tiền nhàn rỗi hay không.

Sở dĩ vấn đề này cần phải được lưu ý kỹ lưỡng bởi trong đầu tư luôn có rủi ro. Nếu bạn không cân nhắc, trong lúc bí bách buộc phải rút vốn về, sẽ thiệt cả trăm đường vừa không thu lợi được vừa khiến bản thân bị mất đi các nguồn lợi đáng có.

Xác định mục tiêu đầu tư

Mỗi 1 hình thức đầu tư sẽ có nhiều đặc thù riêng biệt, đầu tư dài hạn khác đầu tư ngắn hạn, nên bạn phải xác định bản thân muốn đầu tư theo hình thức nào thì sẽ lên kế hoạch chiến lược cho lối đầu tư đó.

Xác định mức độ rủi ro bạn chấp nhận được

Một khi đã xác định được mục tiêu đầu tư và thời gian đầu tư, bạn cần đánh giá mức độ chấp nhận rủi ro của bản thân. Đầu tư luôn đi kèm rủi ro. Đặc biệt, đầu tư càng lớn rủi ro càng nhiều. Chính vì thế nếu bạn cảm thấy bản thân không chấp nhận được với số tiền có khả năng bị mất thì bạn nên chuyển sang mua vàng hoặc gửi ngân hàng thay vì đầu tư vào chứng khoán hoặc forex.

Hãy tập đầu tư với số tiền nhỏ

Ban đầu, bạn không nên đầu tư ngay một số tiền lớn mà hãy tập đầu từ bằng 1 số tiền nhỏ. Sau khi bạn đã quen hoặc cảm thấy đấy là cơ hội tiềm năng, thì bạn có thể đầu tư với số vốn lớn hơn. Như vậy sẽ giúp bạn tránh được nhiều rủi ro trong quá trình đầu tư hơn. Chúc các bạn thành công!

Đừng bao giờ quên trau dồi kiến thức khi đầu tư tài chính!

Nếu bạn không muốn ai lừa bạn, hãy luôn luôn trau dồi kiến thức, nhất là trong 1 thị trường vô cùng rủi ro và nhiều cạm bẫy như tài chính, việc này lại càng cần thiết hơn bao giờ hết.

Bạn có thể đọc các sách về tài chính, tham gia các khóa học đầu tư, hoặc đọc những bài viết có trong website kienthucforex, chúng tôi luôn cố gắng cung cấp những bài viết chất lượng và bổ ích nhất, để giúp các bạn có thể tự trang bị kiến thức khi tham vào thị trường này.

Cách tránh lừa đảo trong đầu tư tài chính

Chưa có 1 ngành nghề nào mà lừa đảo lại xuất hiện ở tất cả các ngóc ngách như trong đầu tư tài chính. Chỉ cần không cẩn thận 1 chút bất cứ nhà đầu tư nào cũng có thể bị lừa. Đặc biệt, với những nhà đầu tư mới vào nghề thường luôn bị hấp dẫn bởi lợi nhuận vô cùng hấp dẫn, gần như là "bỏ 1 vốn mà thu tới 40 lời", một chiêu bài luôn được mang ra áp dụng. Và họ sẽ trở thành những "con mồi" dễ bị chiêu dụ nhất của những kẻ lừa đảo kể trên.

"Miếng phomai chỉ có khi nằm trong bẫy chuột". Câu ngạn ngữ Nga này chưa bao giờ sai! Vì thế, khi tham gia đầu tư tài chính, bạn luôn phải tỉnh táo để tìm hiểu các thông tin liên quan tới dự án như chủ đầu tư thực sự là ai, xem xét nguồn đầu tư đến từ đâu.

Đặc biệt ,bạn cũng có thể kiểm tra thông tin các nhân về ban lãnh đạo của dự án đó thông qua website Linkedin, nơi mà các thành viên, đặc biệt là những cá nhân nổi tiếng đều có hồ sơ, cung cấp thông tin cá nhân quá trình làm việc tại đây. Vì thế, nếu không thể tìm ra tên của các chủ dự án bạn muốn đầu tư, bạn cũng nên cân nhắc kỹ lưỡng xem có nên tham gia không.

Kết luận

Đầu tư tài chính thực sự sẽ mang lại cơ hội cho rất nhiều cá nhân. Tất nhiên lợi nhuận sẽ luôn đi kèm rủi ro, việc của bạn là luôn luôn tỉnh táo để phòng tránh. Hãy luôn trau dồi kiến thức, đó chính là chiếc "áo giáp" vững chãi nhất giúp bạn vượt qua mọi cạm bẫy khi tham gia đầu tư tài chính. Hy vọng sau bài viết này các bạn sẽ lựa chọn được cho bản thân 1 hình thức đầu tư phù hợp nhất. Chúc các bạn thành công!

Bạn vừa đọc bài viết: "Các kênh đầu tư tài chính hiệu quả nhất năm 2020"

Tác giả: Tin Nguyen

Đừng quên ThíchChia sẻ bài viết này bạn nhé!

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