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The most profitable trader on BitMEX retains his prediction that Bitcoin will reach $ 30,000 by 2021

Predict Bitcoin price 2020 by leading experts

As a trader or investor in the cryptocurrency market, you probably will not be familiar with the name AngeloBTC – a veteran Bitcoin trader. Indeed, prior to his early retirement, he earned over 3,100 BTC on BitMEX derivatives trading, making him one of the most profitable traders on this trading platform ever since his inception. 6 years ago.

Profit on BitMEX by AngeloBTC
Profit on BitMEX by AngeloBTC

While leaving the cryptocurrency game, he continued to keep a close watch on the industry, occasionally tweeting his thoughts on the price of Bitcoin. While comforting the holders, he kept his point of view of price increases.

Bitcoin reached $ 30k?

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, undoubtedly one of Bitcoin's worst days ever. In fact, yesterday, the 50% loss was second only to the collapse of BTC price in the shocking hack event of Mt. Gox, then it was the largest and most important exchange, where it accounted for 80% of the market transactions. Yesterday, at the worst drop, BTC plummeted without braking 50% in a 24-hour period, dropping from $ 7,700 to as low as $ 3,800.

Unsurprisingly, many traders have lost their hands and feet when looking at their assets without wings, BitMEX reports that the Long Bitcoin positions worth nearly $ 1 billion on their exchanges have been liquidated. during this great crash.

Despite this, Angelo still raised prices, in a tweet published a few hours ago, this famous trader commented that we are still going up to $ 30,000, which is also his prediction from 2019 when he said BTC will exceed this price in 2021.

He doesn't just expect Bitcoin to see a big leap forward over time. In a private tweet published prior to the recent price action, Angelo explained that he thought Ethereum would reach $ 500, Tezos would reach $ 10 and XRP would reach $ 1.

Predicting the price of BTC from 2019 of Angelo | Source: Tradingview
Predicting the price of BTC from 2019 of Angelo | Source: Tradingview

There is currently no technical analysis to support such appreciation after the drop, although many people still largely believe in Bitcoin, especially after central banks and governments. announced its intention to pump billions and even trillions into global economies to keep things going. It is simply the act of printing more money, causing inflation to be disguised with beautiful statements as “economic stimulus package”, which always worsens the market in the long term.

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