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The network is slow, can't access Facebook? Solution [2020] | Money Blog

Lately, the web has been very slow, causing a lot of frustration by many people. Even the situation appears to be unable to access Facebook.

I am also a victim so I understand how uncomfortable this situation is. I also tested a number of ways and feel pretty good.

That's why I wrote this article. The goal is to share with you a more stable way to go online.

This way helps you improve the internet speed as well as help to access websites blocked by the network.

Let's see the article offline!

Cause of slow network

According to some information provided, two international undersea cable lines AAG and IA have problems. But to this point, the status of internet access has not changed.

Every 19 hours onwards the network starts to load slowly like a turtle. Especially foreign sites. Specifically, Facebook is up to now that he can not see anything.

So the reason is that while the fiber optic cable is fixed and the network is still slow. When the call center complained about the network, it said it was looking for a fix.

How to fix for mobile devices

As a workaround, you can use VPN to get on the network faster and access blocked websites. Here I use the application of CloudFlare which is very good.

So I will guide you to use If you have a better way, please comment below to let Blogtien know!

Step 1: Download the App

First, you visit the page Then click the Open button

If you use an iPhone, it will appear App Store. If you use Android devices, it will appear Google Play.

Just click it and it will take you to the download site.

Download the app

Step 2: Increase Data using WARP +

You can also WARP ( is a free feature so of course the speed will not be equal to WARP +.

WARP + is a paid feature, but you still have some tips to increase your data for free.

First, go to Settings> More Settings> Diagnostics> ID to get Client ID. Details as shown below

Available click with WARP + to later access always from reinstall bared

Next on you on Then paste the ID you just copied and click boost. The data will be updated into the app after a while since the boost time.

After the data has been added, click the middle button under the word WARP +. VPN appears on the screen is successful.

Now enjoy it. If you want to turn it off, press the button again and Disable.

How to fix a computer (PC)

This way you can access websites that are blocked by networks such as Facebook, which are sometimes blocked. And Internet speed depends on each person's experience.

You self-assess to see how offline!

The device uses Windows operating system

Go to Network and Sharing Center. To enter, you have 2 ways:

Method 1:

Paste the line below File Explorer

Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork and Sharing Center

Method 2:

Under the taskbar, right click on the Wifi or Ethernet icon selected Open Network & Internet settings.

Next, click on the Wi-fi or Ethernet line on the left as shown below Network and Sharing Center.

Change DNS

After having accessed Network and Sharing Center You proceed to perform the steps below

At the line Connections Click on the network you are connecting to. Next choose Properties and left click twice Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).

You choose Use the following DNS server address 2 lines

as shown below then click OK, got it at number 4 and number 3 is done.

The device uses Mac OS operating system

In the Apple Menu you choose System Preferences.

  • Next select Network
  • Choose WIFI or Ethernet then press Advanced
  • Select the DNS tab
  • Click “+” and enter
  • Continue to press “+” and press the button OK, got it alreadyApply is done

You can also use Cloudflare WARP on Mac. Please refer to the video below for details of the steps.

(embed) (/ embed)


Hopefully this article helps you to improve slow network status like turtles and not access to Facebook.

If you have any questions, please comment below. Blogtien will answer your questions as soon as possible!

Wished everyone success! If you find it interesting, rate 5 stars and share it with everyone!

The network is slow, can't access Facebook? Solution (2020)

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