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The top comment displays in the WordPress sidebar

The top comment displays in the WordPress sidebarAre you looking to show top commenters at WordPress? If so, displaying top commenters in the WordPress sidebar is a great way for people to see them. The best part about sidebar is that it appears on every website, if you don't hide it.

This makes it the perfect place to show something you want the entire audience to see. Unfortunately, by default, there's no way to do this at WordPress. Instead, you need to install plugins that add the necessary functionality. Today, I will show you how to display top comments in the WordPress sidebar using the Top Commentators Widget plugin.

Why show your top commenters?

Comments with people who leave comments are extremely important to the website. The comments section is the best way to build a community, but not everyone likes to leave a comment. Therefore, by honoring the employee, you are encouraging others to participate in the comment section.

The more practical reason is to build a reputable website. For example, suppose you operate a website about laws. If the top commentator is a professional lawyer, it looks good to new visitors. This is similar to sharing a positive review to a restaurant at your own website, which makes you look better.

Install Plugin Top Commentators Widget

Plugin Top Commentators Widgets add new widgets that you can add wherever widgets are allowed. This includes the sidebar area and footer. All plugin settings are added to the widget, making it very easy to use.

Start by going to the Plugin and then selecting the “add new” option on the left panel.


Find the Top Commentators Widget available. This action will entail a useful plugin.


Scroll down to the Top Commentators Widget plugin and press the install button now, activate it and use the plugin.


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Use the Plugin Top Commentators Widget

In the left panel, press Layout and select the Widgets option.


Scroll down the list of available widgets and locate the Top Commentators Widget. Click the “Add” button. This will open the widget settings.


Here you can edit the widget settings as well as define what it displays the same place it will display. The first option is the name to be displayed. By default, it's “Top Commentators”, but you can change it to whatever you want. Next is the description box you can fill out.


You will then find the minimum number of comments needed by the widget to display them. This depends heavily on the average number of comments each person leaves. You need to choose the number that will display the right person. Under this option, you will find the box so that you are allowed to exclude certain groups. By default, administrators are excluded, but you should extend this to include authors and editors. You do not want employees to be displayed, you want visitors.


Next, you need to decide how often the widget will refresh who is the top commentator. By default, it's every month, but I recommend changing it daily. This will ensure more visitors have the opportunity to be displayed. Other settings include the number of commenters that will be displayed, the nofollow attribute, which images will display next to the top commenters, Gravatar options, and more.


When you finish changing the settings, select the sidebar along the position where it will appear. Click the Save Widget button.


Congratulations, you have successfully displayed your top commenters in the WordPress sidebar with the Top Commentators Widget plugin.

Honor the commenters

The comment section is very important to make the website look like it works. Websites without lively comments are at risk of being less popular. For example, if you visit two movie review websites with the same page with very positive comments from commenters who agree or disagree with the review, compared to the other site without any comments, then the first page Fairy will obviously be better for you.

By showing the most positive commentator, you are promoting that the website has a regular visitor, they are important to you.

How many comments do you choose to display? Do you find the Top Commentators Widget easy to use?

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