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The YouTube video giant is blocking videos related to cryptocurrency

YouTube continues to block videos related to cryptocurrency

In a new round of censorship, YouTube removed two videos from two separate cryptocurrency channels.

Ivan on Tech – a programmer in cryptocurrency, tweet that YouTube deleted a video of him on March 9. Meanwhile, well-known technical analyst The Moon has a similar situation, he said said This huge video social networking platform removed one of his videos on March 10.

YouTube has blocked many accounts in 2019

Countless YouTube cryptocurrencies have been blocked from accounts and taking strike near the end of 2019, including Chris Dunn, Crypto Beadles and Altcoin Daily. Chris Dunn emphasized that YouTube blocked his channel because of “malicious or dangerous content” and “selling regulated goods.”

In response to The Moon in late December, YouTube tweeted that the bans were a mistake. YouTube says:

"Hello, this is our fault during the censorship process – your video will be restored and the strike will be resolved. Let us know if you have any other problems! "

After intense outcry from the community, YouTube unlocked several accounts and reinstated the videos.

The video giant's ban goes back

YouTube has blocked videos related to cryptocurrencies again. Ivan on Tech said he received a strike warning for his alleged video, while The Moon was threatened by YouTube to “donate” a Strike after deleting his video.

“Cryptocurrency purification is STILL HAPPENING, and this is the second time I've suffered,” The Moon wrote on Twitter.

Ivan on Tech recently debated the crypto project Hex and founder Richard Heart in a video on CoinTelegraph.

Elsewhere, BNP Paribas recently issued a ban on cryptocurrencies, a move aimed at preventing customers from transferring cryptocurrencies to Coinbase.

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