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Top 5+ real-life locations in PUBG game - Knowledge sharing blog

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Currently, the genre of survival games is one of the very hot and very popular game genre among Vietnamese youth. Especially PUBG game!

Although there are many other survival shooting games available today, PUBG is still very popular, because this game brings a lot of practical and interesting experiences for players.

Yes, and in order to do this, the publisher has set up quite a lot of real-life locations on the game's maps, to increase the realism of the game, would you press any locations?

Okay, do not let you wait any longer, right now I will introduce to you 5 locations in real PUBG game offline.

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#first. Mylta Power

Mylta Power is one of Erangel's renowned sites. Here is provided a large number of equipment for players, even enough for a squad of 4 people.

5-dia-game-play-outside-game-pubg (1)

When I first heard of the name, you probably already know, Mylta Power is the power supply for the whole map. And the energy mentioned here is nuclear power.

But do you know that Mylta Power is inspired by a real-life location, and it's called Chernobyl. It used to be the place where the worst nuclear incident happened in the world.

This is an atomic nuclear power plant located in Ukraine. At 1:23 am local time, April 26, 1986, one of the plant's four nuclear reactors exploded, and it caused the worst nuclear disaster in history.

The disaster killed 93,000 people and turned an area of ​​30 square kilometers from the center of the explosion into a dead zone due to heavy radiation exposure.

And to make it clear, we can look at the shape of the building and can also guess the similarity of these two locations.

5-dia-game-play-outside-game-pubg (1)

And one more detail is that after coming out of Mylta Power, you will come to a forest called the Red Forest, this is also a real-life location in real life.

It is also called the Red Forest, formerly a lush forest surrounding the Chernobyl power plant. But after the disaster, the entire forest died and turned red due to heavy radiation exposure.

#2. Castle

This is a small area of ​​the Vikendi map, but it has complex terrain, many hiding places so it is very suitable for close combat.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (2)

Especially with the location located in the center of the map is very convenient for running bo. So Castle can be a hot spot on the Vikendi map, and the inspiration for publishers to make this building is from Trakai Island Castle.

At first glance, it is easy for you to notice the similarity of these two architectures. Both are independently located on a small island and occupy most of the island's area, surrounded by water. Especially the center of the church has very similar Catholic church of 2 locations.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (3)

# 3. Ruin

Next is the Ruin Sanctuary in Map Sanhok, which is one of the best map picking areas, but at the same time this is also the wing to the hell of the young players.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (5)

Looking at the architectural design, you probably think of the ruins in Maya – South America. But no, the ancient Ruin temple was inspired by a real architecture in Asia.

That is the ancient Shite – Thaung temple located in Myanmar. Entering the ancient city of Mrauk U you will immediately come across the ancient temple here, built of stone dating back hundreds of years. Ruin Sanctuary in Sanhok map and Shite – Thaung temple are 90% similar in structure.

The architecture of the 2 is divided into 3 main parts, the broad body of the tower is solidly built of stone on the ground and connected to the second part of the temple with a staircase made of monolithic stone.

On the top 4 of the 2nd tower is placed 4 bells carved by very fine monolith. And finally, the top of the tower also has a bell.

In particular, the tower has skylights to get light, just like the cells in the second part of the Sanhok map that we fly directly into.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (4)

# 4. Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome is one of the quite famous places in Pubg's Vikendi map. In Cosmodrome there are plenty, there can be enough for all 10 squads.

Here, there are many hiding places and observing the opponent is very beautiful, if lying down, it is harder to be detected by high and rugged terrain.

If you are planning on jumping in here, be prepared, you will definitely shoot each other.

But this place is also inspired by a real place located in Kazakhstan, called Baikonur Cosmodrome. We can also see similarities like giant headlights, launchers and giant rockets.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (6)

Baikonur Cosmodrome is the place where the spacecraft launched Yuri Gagarin into space. And made him the first person to see the Earth from above.

# 5. Some other locations in the game

In addition to the names I just mentioned above, there are other places that many players say are inspired by the reality as follows.

Sosnovka Military Base (Sosnovka Military Base)

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (7)

This is a very familiar dance position for young men with big hands in Erangel map.

There is an abundance of equipment and guns, with complex terrain, easy to hide always a premise for close-range combat. But did you know this site was inspired by the Duga Military District in Russia.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (2)

Novorepnoye Port – Novorossiysk Port

This is also one of the places with an abundance of equipment and is very hot at Erangel. But it was inspired by the port Novorossiysk of the beautiful Russia.

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (8)

You can see the similarities ..

5-dia-diem-co-that-outside-game-pubg (9)

In addition, there are also many other locations.

# 6. Epilogue

So I have introduced you to the top 5 Locations in PUBG are real-life then ha. You can also go to the above locations to visit and experience offline. I mean, in that game 😛

And if you know more beautiful places, inspired by real-world buildings and architecture, please leave comments for you to discuss more. Good luck.

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