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Top of the weird but extremely attractive games (Part 3) - Knowledge sharing blog

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Hello everyone, it's me again!

Last time we went through the second part of the series top weird and quirky but extremely attractive games for a boring day And today we will continue the third part and probably the end of this series with equally awesome titles.

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# 11. The game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is probably a very familiar game for those who love the game.

game-3-scene-1 (1)

In the game, you will be transformed into a man stuck in a cauldron, you must use a hammer to lift the body and hook into the protruding spots on the terrain.

During the course of the game, there is always a commentary by Bennett Foddy on various philosophical topics such as frustration or perseverance because there is no Save in the game so just a little chance that you will fall. Return to the starting point and how much of your work will be gone.

velvet-game-play-circle-3 (2)

However, if you consistently climb to the top of the universe, you will feel extremely proud and satisfied, not only for your merits but also for the “mysterious and wonderful” reward at the end of the game.

#twelfth. The game Pigeon Simulator

Next we will come up with an extremely dirty game with a slogan “quality playing batman” is “the ultimate bird droppings”.

velvet-game-play-circle-3 (3)

In the game, you will transform into a dove flying around and disturbing, dancing around the city with “supreme power” that is poop on the pedestrians, or the car sales in the city or even lice are … blow up the whole vehicle.

However, controlling a pigeon to fly is not easy and you can completely plug your head into the wall and die without yawning.

velvet-game-straps-mobile-wallpaper-3 (4)

Because of the oddity in the gameplay and extremely dirty skills, Pigeon Simulator will surely be an extremely interesting game for you to play with your friends, especially the young people who are showing signs of “bored life”. .

# 13. Game Bum Simulator

As the name of the game, Bum Simulator will be a game that helps you transform into … a beggar.

velvet-game-with-a-circle-3 (5)

As a beggar, your daily job is to wander the streets asking for money, picking up trash or even driving pigeons to tease the police, or maybe throwing people in the street. trash can.

Although you are just a lowly beggar, you can make money from those demolition jobs, and the amount of money you earn may be better than the rich people in the city.

velvet-game-straps-mobile-wallpaper-3 (6)

If you are curious, try Bum Simulator to discover the secrets of life with no room for boredom of the beggar in the game.

# 14. The game Press X To Not Die

To accurately describe Press X To Not Die, perhaps I would like to use the word “peak” because the “magic” in the game will make you choke because … laugh.

velvet-game-straps-mobile-wallpaper-3 (7)

One morning you wake up, realize that the whole city you live in is in flames and all the people are going crazy and attacking each other and your mission is to survive and rescue your lost loved ones. Discover what's happening.

The highlight of Press X To Not Die is the interactive image of the game similar to a first-person action movie.

game-playing-ball-part-3 (8)

It sounds like a stressful game, but in reality this is like a “very strong comedy” game because of the extremely ridiculous interaction in the game.

For example, if you peep on a girl's shower and get her sticking a katana on her, or an old woman kicks her face “down” to a teenage boy or even hits like “stroking”. of the main character.

Therefore, play immediately Press X To Not Die to experience an action game with “extremely strong relevance” to relax while bored life offline nhé

# 15. Title Internet Cafe Simulator game

If you are a gamer, have you ever dreamed of opening your own net shop? Try Internet Café Simulator to find out if it is good or bad to own a net shop.

velvet-game-play-a-circle-3 (9)

At the beginning of the game, you will only have $ 20,000 to spend appropriately on building the net.

It can be said that the simulation game is very real and extremely detailed what needs to be done to build a consistent stop in the sense of cleaning, building machines, setting up rooms, hiring employees or even security work. …

velvet-game-with-a-circle-3 (10)

The configuration of Internet Cafe Simulator is not high, it is extremely easy to breathe, so everyone who only has a weak computer can experience, so hurry and try this game to experience the feeling of mastery. stroke shop


This is the last part of the series Top horror and quirky but extremely attractive games for a boring day It's over here, and I hope that this article will help you find some suitable games to ease your “painful” sadness.

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Wish you have fun playing the game!

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