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Trader "shocked when he first traded on Remitano. Why? | Money Blog

Financial investment is considered one of the most risky investment areas. In particular, cryptocurrencies are quite new and potentially risky. Therefore, the criteria for selecting an exchange are becoming more and more complex, requiring investors to be more careful than ever!

So, for crypto investors, what are the criteria to choose an exchange? When this question is posed, more than 95% of professional investors choose an exchange based on the following criteria:

As we all know, Crypto is considered the field of venture capital with the highest rate of fraud and theft. For that reason, Safety and Reputation are considered as a prerequisite that any investor must consider when choosing an exchange.

In most types of financial investment, liquidity is always in the top 3 issues that investors are interested in. As for the crypto market, too, liquidity is reflected in the number of buyers / sellers on the exchange. The more the number of participants, the higher the trading volume, the more the liquidity is shown.

For traders investing in short-term or surfing, every big and small fluctuation of the market decides their investment performance. Therefore, the speed of trading is one of the first factors that they care about when choosing an exchange.

And finally, transaction fees are also something that investors are interested in. This is understandable, because the high transaction fees, the profit that investors will receive will lower. However, this fee is used to maintain and develop the floor. Therefore, good exchanges will usually not be cheap.

If you are wondering what is a good exchange in Vietnam market, nIf you consider transaction speed as a prerequisite to your success,… let's explore Remitano – the exchange has just announced a commitment to “refund up to 50% transaction if the transaction is slow for coin buyers”. Should you believe this promise?

  1. What made you choose Remitano?

When this question was posed in a year-end survey in 2019, Remitano received 57.4% of the answers as "Quick. This is also one of Remitano's advantages over its competitors.

Besides, Remitano is rated 4.5 stars by more than 3,000 users (more than 91% of users rate 4-5 stars), according to the data on the leading review site –

According to user Damilola Samson, Remitano is a safe, easy, fast, and has a great customer service team.

Damilola Samson's comment on Trustpilot

According to users Thien Cao and Vu Nguyen, transaction speed is a factor that “shocked at Remitano with just 2 seconds or almost” immediately.

Thien Cao and Vu Nguyen's comments on Trustpilot

2. The truth about the transaction speed at Remitano?

Are user reviews at Remitano right? Let's find out the next details!

  • Transaction speed:

Transaction speed is defined as the time the system processes the transaction, counting from the time the buyer completes payment to the seller until they receive the coin and the system marked as “Completed transaction.

As such, transaction speed is the most affected factor due to connection speed, system speed, etc.This is a big question of the cryptocurrency market. However, for Remitano, it is less than 15 minutes.

  • Working speed on floor:

In order to limit the time users operate, Remitano has prioritized a simple, easy-to-use interface design. Even if you are new to the cryptocurrency market, you can easily understand how to trade “at a glance” without spending too much time and effort figuring out how the floor works.

  • Account registration speed & KYC:

At Remitano interface, you only need to enter email, or choose automatic login form via Email or Facebook, the system will automatically log in based on the information of the account you register. If this is your first visit to Remitano, you only need to enter your Email, the system will send a link to register for Email to create a new account. Therefore, the login to this complex capital account, just through 2 steps and less than 30s.

Besides, identity verification (KYC) is also simplified with only 2-3 minutes. You only need to download the identification documents as required, wait for confirmation and complete the process.

  • Matching speed:

The price system at Remitano updates the best prices of the market from time to time. By simply clicking on the “Buy / Sell now” button, the user can easily create orders and complete them in the blink of an eye. In addition, liquidity in Remitano is also ranked second in the region.

And finally, the 24/24 online support team is ready to respond within 5 minutes in both English and Vietnamese, convenient for users in the process of communication and problem solving.

Thus, it can be said that Remitano is a pioneer in terms of speed in Vietnam market at the present time.

If you have ever experienced at Remitano, "Quick will be the first phrase you think of to talk about this exchange!

3. Commitment to refund 50% of fee for slow transactions:

As of February 10, 2020, Remitano officially made its commitment to standard transaction speed. Specifically: “Remitano commits to refund 50% of the transaction fee to the buyer (buyer) if the transaction is more than 15 minutes to complete, or the transaction is completed slowly *.”

(*) Transaction completed time is calculated from the time the buyer press the button "I have paid until I receive the coin to Remitano wallet.

This is the first floor to make a commitment to refund money to customers if the transaction speed is not guaranteed, an important factor in the success of investors.

>> Details: Remitano commits a 50% refund for transactions over 15 minutes

If you are a surfing or short-term investor to recoup small market gaps, “quick trading” is the most important factor you should aim for. However, the speed of transactions is something that most exchanges in the market often overlook.

As the first Crypto exchange in Vietnam market, besides ensuring the safety and prestige that has been trusted by users for many years, Remitano has always focused on improving transaction speeds, bringing high investment efficiency. and experience “top” transactions for users.

Are you ready to enter the game? Keep your mind steady and don't be “shocked” because the transaction completed so quickly on Remitano!

>> Trade now:

About Remitano

Founded in 2015 by Babylon Solutions Limited, based in CH Seychelles, Remitano is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the Vietnamese market. This is the bridge between fiat money and cryptocurrencies with P2P peer-to-peer trading system and outstanding products like Swap and Invest.

Rated 4.5 stars by over 3,000 users on (more than 91% of users rated 4-5 stars), Remitano has become a popular trading platform for users in 30 countries: USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, … with a transaction volume of over $ 500,000,000 and about 1,500,000 users worldwide.

Trader “shocked when he first traded on Remitano. Why?

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