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Vsmart appears on DxO Mark and Antutu Chart: Should you believe it or not? - Knowledge sharing blog

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Vingart's Vsmart Live is a smartphone that is driving the Vietnamese market, and recently this phone has the parameters on both famous rankings: DxOMark and Antutu Benchmark.

These are two point systems known to compare devices, but for many reasons, quite a few people have boycotted these two points (they probably doubt honesty). So what is Vsmart Live score like? And should we believe these numbers?

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#first. Vsmart Live scores

The first is the Antutu score: This machine performance testing and scoring system has announced the Top 10 mid-range devices with the highest scores, in the international market.

And specifically, with the Snapdragom 675 chip and with 6GB of RAM, Vsmart Live had a score of 206,778 on the Antutu Benchmark V8. This score gives it the last rank in the Top 10 mid-range phones below.


As can be seen, the Dymensity 1000 chip on Redmi Note 8 Pro has easily occupied the top, followed by the Snapdragon 730G, 730, 712 chips.

And on par with Vsmart Live is the Redmi Note 7 Pro, with 675 and 6GB Ram chips, the scores of these two devices are not much different!

DxOMark Score: Ie score evaluation of the photographic ability of the machine!

Vsmart Live has a 20MP front camera, 3 rear cameras including a 48MP main sensor, can combine pixels into 12MP, super wide-angle 8MP camera, and 5MP depth sensor. It scored 87 points, including 92 points for photography and 78 points for video recording, on par with Apple's iPhone 7 Plus.


It seems that Vsmart Live is rated as capable of shooting well in bright conditions, but when shooting in low-light environments is not.

Video recording capabilities of the device also seems to be rated as relatively poor. This is not a high score, even compared to its 3 million price point.

#2. Can the DxO Mark and Antutu Chart scores of Vsmart be trusted?

This is as I said in the previous article, depending on your point of view!

Both of these two scoring systems are talking about how it works and its authenticity, and certainly this is not the exact number that reflects the experience of a certain device brought to you.

The Snapdragon 675 and 6GB Ram chips bring such performance is not strange, even when Vsmart Live is back, I hope it will be stronger than the Redmi Note 7 Pro with the same configuration. But it seems that this still does not happen, even though the score is very close.


Like other OEM smartphones, Vsmart must send its smartphone to DxO experts to evaluate the score of the device. In fact, not many companies do this, and most of the Chinese phone companies are eager to do that.

Vsmart's move shows that they are trying to introduce their brand to the world. This looks good for a brand from Vietnam.

The accuracy of these scoring systems is unknown, but because Chinese smartphones are easy to get high rankings for only half the price, or even one-third of Samsung's flagships. , Apple or Google Pixel should make quite a bit of discontent.

That is, many users still do not acknowledge the strength of these OEMs, or really there is something shady behind that score.

# 3. Conclude

With Vsmart Live appearing on these two scoring systems supposedly Made by China, will you believe it? Or continue to doubt in the public opinion? Please comment your comments below this article!

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