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Weiss Crypto Ratings: ETH promotes the industry

Weiss Crypto Ratings is a US-based cryptocurrency rating firm that posted support articles for ETH on Twitter.

“We see people calling ETH” fiat money “while praising governments for their own efforts to introduce their” digital currencies “as if they were related to cryptocurrencies. Right now, ETH is the key project driving our industry forward. Whether you want to build or trade, ETH is the right place to stop. "

The tweet in response to a debate initiated by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano on March 2, stated in the news: “Essentially, ETH is a faulty money.”


Pompliano's News disagrees with the notion that "ETH is money"

The debate has faced mixed opinions, both supportive and negative. YouTuber Brad Laurie uses a video from Andreas Antonopoulos to prove why Pompliano is wrong.

“Pomp's wrong idea about” ETH is no different from Fiat “. I want to encourage you to listen to Andreas to better understand the value and technological potential of ETH. Andreas as well as Erik Voorhees have expert knowledge of crypto. Full video here:… "

Co-host of the Reckless Review podcast Udi Wertheimer countered by saying that this video supports Pompliano's opinion instead of criticizing it.

"Pomp is right, ETH is fiat money.

People like Pomp did what Andreas taught: they went in there and learned everything they could. And that is the conclusion they have with an open mind. ETH is fiat ".

While this kind of debate never ends, Weiss Ratings feels compelled to get involved. In the past, the company's Twitter account shared news of cryptocurrency regulation and highlighted good-and-bad practices of projects across the space. Recently, however, it seems to be 'heating up' with ETH and other projects being built online.

Just 24 hours before tweeting “ETH is the place to stop,” Weiss said:

"Instead of upgrading tokens through code changes, Maker has implemented new smart contracts with new codes to improve DAI. It is still the most interesting stablecoin and it's strange that people don't pay attention to it more. DAI is a blueprint for what money can do in the future. "

Is Weiss watching the network to upgrade its rankings? Currently, ETH has the same rank as BTC when it comes to the overall investment of the project.


Weiss cryptocurrency rankings Source: Weiss Crypto Ratings

However, BTC surpassed ETH and held the top spot thanks to overall market performance. Weiss rated Bitcoin's risk and motivation as “good” while ETH was labeled “weak”. Is there any change to turn the tables on what's going to happen?

Thuy Trang

According to Decrypt

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