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What is rel = "noopener" attribute in WordPress - HOSTVN Blog

Recently, one of HOSTVN readers asked what is rel = “noopener” in WordPress? If you choose to open a link in a new window, then WordPress will add this attribute to your link. In this article, HOSTVN will explain the meaning of the rel = “noopener” attribute in WordPress and how it affects the site.

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What is rel = “noopener” attribute in WordPress?

rel = “noopener”, is an HTML attribute that is added to all selected WordPress links to open in a new browser tab. It also comes with an attribute rel = “noreferrer”. This feature was introduced in WordPress to address security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

There are several JavaScript features that allow a new tab to control the browser window. If you link to an external website that is affected by malicious code, that site may use a JavaScript attribute window.opener to change the original page (your website) to steal information and distribute malicious code.

More rel = “noopener” will prevent this type of attack. Similarly, attributes rel = “noreferrer” prevent referrals from passing into new tabs.

WordPress is always at the forefront of increasing website security. When you add a link and select “Open in New Tab", Then WordPress will add rel = “noopener” and rel = “noreferrer” on the link.

Does rel = “noopener” affect SEO?

Is not. It absolutely does not affect the web SEO as well as the ranking of the website on the search engines.

What is the difference between noopollow and nofollow?

The noopener attribute prevents your website from hacking websites and improving WordPress security.

When attaching the nofollow attribute to a link, the search engine's bot will automatically ignore that link.

Search engines will search and review the nofollow attribute in the link, however, they will not consider the noopener tag.

By default, WordPress does not allow you to add nofollow to external links.

Does rel = “noreferrer” affect affiliate links?

rel = “noreferrer” Does not affect affiliate links in WordPress. However, most affiliate programs provide you with a unique URL containing your affiliate ID. This means your affiliate ID is passed as a URL parameter to another website to track.

In addition, most affiliate marketers use a plugin to disguise links for their Affiliate links. With the link cloaking feature, the Affiliate link your user clicks on will be your website URL, then it will redirect the user to the destination URL.


Through this article HOSTVN explained the meaning of the rel = “noopener” attribute in WordPress and it affected the site. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below. Also you can see more other articles about WordPress here.

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