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What is SEO? The Most Effective On-Page & Off-Page SEO Methods 2020 | Fun Learning Web-Sharing knowledge and IT resources

What is SEO? The latest on-page and off-page SEO methods will now be introduced in the first TOPIC of SEO Website.

VHW will introduce these in turn TOPIC free of course subjects Pro WordPress Master to help you get the basic knowledge – most useful in the process of building a professional Website!


What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation Search Engine Optimization – meaning optimal for search engines.

So SEO is optimizing content so that search engines can recognize and put on the results page with high rankings when someone searches for that content – or similar content.

The search engines can be Google Search, Bing Search, or internal search engine of Youtube or Facebook, Quora ….

SEO content types can be content on the Website, Videos on Youtube, Facebook posts, Twitter, Quora ….

What is SEO Website?

SEO Website is to optimize the content of the Website and user experience (UX – User Experience: such as speed – mobile compatibility – easy to read and understand …) to be friendly to search engines.

In addition SEO Website also includes building links with other websites to increase the 'reputation' of the Website – so that Search Engine prioritizes putting up high rankings in search results.

The current popular search engines are Google (more than 80% of global search) and Bing (the rest) and Yahoo (almost dead), in Russia, Yandex dominates, and China is Baidu. (because of exclusivity)!

Google overwhelms Bing in search volume

Currently Google is the most popular search engine in the world. So when it comes to SEO Website, we can consider it as SEO with Google Search.

In this course, we only talk about SEO Website, specifically Website using WordPress!

What is the purpose of SEO?

Of course, SEO is about getting your content out to the most people – specifically, the groups you want!

  • If content SEO is selling, you want your content to reach potential groups of customers.
  • If you have SEO YouTube clips, you want to get the most views & interaction, to increase Subscribers or increase the number of clicks on the advertising link to make money.

In addition, SEO also has an indirect goal:

  • For example, you SEO content of a blog to increase visits and increase the 'credibility' index of the blog (such as Domain Authority, Page Authority) but do not put the purposeful content (such as sales) on that blog, but just to put a banner or link to another page – the landing page you want to sell or advertise!
  • You SEO for a Facebook Fanpage / Group becomes HOT with hot topics of society (such as Formosa or Special Law, Tung Son, Le Fall, Ba Tung …) but the ultimate goal will be running ads on it. .

Thus, SEO and Online Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads …) are all marketing methods, specifically Online Marketing!

Online marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing while the cost is extremely cheap!

With SEO Website, SEO is divided into 2 parts: On page SEO and Off page SEO

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to Website Optimization techniques to improve search engine rankings, which include:

  • Optimize Code according to standard Schema Markup (SEO standards are rated today) – with WordPress, we use themes, standard SEO plugins.
  • Optimize page load speed: including methods to speed up Website such as light code, image optimization, caching speed, use of hosting / strong vps & high speed.
  • Content optimization: good content – clearly presented – smooth, easy-to-understand style, because the longer a user stays with the site, the higher the SEO score will be.
  • Presenting standard SEO content: this is recommended by search engines, so that bot bots of search engines can easily find and index content based on the focus that the keyword we want on. TOP in search results.
  • Building internal links (Internal Link building): the content of the website has a reasonable link with the content on other pages on the Website, not only makes it easy for users to find related information, but also helps search bots to easily find other content. .
  • Optimize the loading speed and display separately for mobile devices: the current famous method is to use AMP, but it also has many opposite effects so many large websites decided not to use.
  • Use SSL security protocol (https: //): This is a mandatory standard from 2018 onwards, because if you do not use https: // then the browser will warn of security or block the website, seriously affecting search rankings.

Example of On-page SEO

You write an article on the topic of making money online, in the article, besides engaging content and lots of useful information, you also intentionally leave keywords Make money online"Repeated several times in each paragraph of the article – this keyword is also in the main title and subheadings in the article, it also appears at the beginning and end of the article.

And the image in the article also uses the keyword to make money online in Alt Text.

In addition to making money online, you also use many synonymous keywords or the same field as make money online, Make money from blogging, make money youtube

In the article, you also link to a number of other related articles about the content on your Website, such as links to articles. The best affiliate marketing monetization program 2020, or post How to sign up for Google Adsense is certainly successful

All of the above 'intentional' jobs are SEO – and This technique is called SEO On-Page – Instant on your Website, and right on the content you want search engines to update and put on the Top search results.

The above On-Page SEO techniques help your content to be highly appreciated by search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., and give priority to the top TOP when users search for related content (of course it is only one important factor – because another deciding factor is SEO Off-Page).

We will have the topic of On-page SEO techniques and Write your own SEO articles!

On-page SEO Checklist

Refer here!


What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is an SEO technique that is based on building links with other websites or posting content on social networks. The main technique is Backlink Building or go Backlinks!

Because the SEO rank of a Web site A (roughly called A) is heavily influenced by links from other websites to Web A.

Why SEO Off-page?

You have just created an article on the topic Benefits of Black Garlic, full content – 'extreme' that no other article on other Websites currently has.

Extremely extreme is an internet idiom referring to Quang Explosion and Bphone

You have also presented the article in accordance with SEO On-page standards – get a blue and green dot by Yoast SEO (high On-page SEO score).

You also have Fetch on Google Console to force Google to index the article (Index) immediately because you do not want to wait for it to automatically Index (usually after a few days it will automatically index the article).

Yet when you type the keyword Benefits of Black Garlic, your article is on the 5th page of results, one month after typing it up on Wednesday, then half a year on the results page No. 3.

Note that if a person types into Google to search for “Benefits of Black Garlic” then 99.999% they will not click to the 3rd results page.

Why? You have good content – and good on-page SEO!

Not enough!

Keyword SEO Benefits of Black Garlic

The search engines Google Search, Bing … in addition to evaluating SEO scores On-page, they also rely on a criterion (even stronger) is the 'Prestige' of the Website – which your blog is just created, name The domain is also brand new!

The Authority of a Website – in 'SEO industry' people often use two terms: Domain Authority & Page Authority. In which DA – Domain Authority is such as Thot Not's gloves – Can beat them all!

Domain authority is like Thanos with infinity gloves


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is an indicator of the 'reputation' of a Website (specifically Domain's), this is the index affecting the entire content of the Website, which is decisive to the location of the content. on search results by Google.

Not only that, the Website A DA also impacts the Website B project on the link! If A's high DA will help B's DA increase, A's low will pull B's DA down.

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority index is accumulated through the following factors:

  • The first is because Domain has a seniority (Website has existed for over 10 years for example) – just like the soldiers so – the older they “should rely on the ranks”!
  • The second is the content of the Website is useful, appreciated by the community – it is said Content is King – so Search Engine cannot deny this either. If you post a study about Vaccine against African swine cholera – making the global health community stunned – even though the domain just bought yesterday, the Domain Authority index will increase dramatically in a short time. Unfortunately this type of content is very rare – usually unique to mutants – and mutants don't need SEO!
  • The third factor, no need to live long or superior – just need to know how to do is OK – That is Backlinks – That is your domain is linked (put links) on high Domain Authority sites – this is my grandparents called “Thom contagious”!

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is an indicator of the 'reputation' of a particular page or article on the Website.

Factors affecting Page Authority:

PA of page / article Website A directly influenced by 2 factors:

  1. Domain Authority of Website A
  2. Page Authority of the page / article Website B has put the article / page link of Website A

Specific example:

Article 10 ways to make money online with the most effective WordPress blog of VHW, the Page Authority index of the article will depend on:

  1. Domain Authority of VHW
  2. If the bog of The Khuong has articles Guide to making money 2019, in this article, put the above article link of VHW for readers to refer. The PA of the 2019 Monetization Guide will affect the PA of the VHW article (in this case, it will help PA's lesson 10 ways to make money online… increased very fast because The Khuong's blog is clearly worse than the VHW blog)

Technical Backlinks

Off page SEO techniques - Go backlinks

Backlinks are Off-page SEO techniques – it is very effective because it helps the Domain Authority of the Website's 'Authority' or the Page Authority of the article / page to increase rapidly without having to have shocking content types. community!

Effective backlink means that you have some way to put article or website links on high reputation 'DA / PA' websites – especially related websites.

Some methods of Backlinks:

  1. Natural backlinks: you have great content – so other sites automatically link to your readers, as well as people who visit your website to share on social networks.
  2. Bribe: Pay for reputable websites to post your articles or place banners – links pointing to your website.
  3. Insist: please, friends, acquaintances with high DA Website to go backlinks.
  4. Entice: this technique is very 'classy' – called email Outreach: a method to email administrators of reputable websites – with relevant content for them to recommend your article, or replace Broken links / posts have their content is not updated by your article. The rate of Admin agreeing is very low – but the effect is extremely high, only need 1% to accept that you have some very good backlinks but not necessarily have money to buy.
  5. Guest Blogging: this technique is quite laborious, but also very effective: you contact reputable blogs to write articles for them, and in that article you would like to put a few links to content related to your Website, Even the link in the introduction of the author (that friend) is very precious.
  6. Comment stroll: this 'saliva' technique is a bit low, but it's useful if you're lazy brainstorming for other techniques. If in reputable blogs that allow to put website links in the comment section, you can leave your comments and link to your website. Remember not to spam or cause war to discredit your account!
  7. Social Share & Web 2: sharing articles and putting Website links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … or writing articles on Web 2 sites like Reddit, Quora … not only helps your content to be accessible by a lot of people in just in a short time, but also helped increase the credit rating of PA – DA.

Websites help increase Domain Authority – Page Authority fastest when placing Backlink:

  1. Wikipedia: don't have to say, if your Website has links in any article, it will help DA increase rapidly.
  2. Websites of educational institutions – government & non-government
  3. The websites, newspapers, magazines have a great influence on the community: such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Huffpost (Huffington Post), New York Time, The Times …. in VN, Tuoi Tre newspaper, VNexpress, Zing, Tinh Te, …
  4. Websites have high Domain Authority index and content related to your Website

Backlinks Building techniques are very complex and require a lot of effort, hopefully there will be a separate topic for this!

Terms in SEO Website (White & Gray / Blackhat SEO)

In this section we will learn the terms you will encounter a lot when starting out when learning about SEO.

What is Google SEO?

SEO Google means building content & building backlinks to optimize for Google Search Engine – this is a search engine accounting for nearly 90% of the global market share of Website search!

Google Search Engine has its own algorithms for ranking search results, so we need to update these algorithms regularly for SEO to work!

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO means optimizing SEO for a specific area – for companies, services or shops, Local SEO is important – it helps reach the most potential customers effectively and avoid against other opponents who don't have the same goal.

For example, if you have an online shop selling 'air plants' in Da Nang, then perform a Local SEO campaign for the Da Nang area, if you SEO in the 'end of the world', you will be rivals in Saigon, Ha Noi, Can Tho, Los Angeles, Tokyo …. bash for bruising even if you really want (and can only) sell 'air plants' in Da Nang!

Google Search is getting smarter – so you SEO for 'air tree in Da Nang' then when users in Da Nang search for 'air tree' then Google will give priority to 'air tree in Da Nang':

Local SEO helps to defeat big rivals

In WordPress, local SEO can be done quickly and effectively with Yoast SEO Premium's Local SEO addons, which help you optimize the content according to Schema Markup to best display with Google algorithms, in terms of service information, Contact, get directions on Google Maps.

What is Whitehat SEO?

Whitehat SEO is a 'righteous' SEO, that is, you will build quality & useful content, optimized as Search Engine recommends so that it is easy to index and build backlinks to other websites. 'natural' way.

WhiteHat SEO generally focuses on 3 factors:

  1. Quality content : helpful to readers and presented in easy to read & easy to understand.
  2. And the content is presented in standard SEO: so that the Bot of search engine can easily update (index) and understand the focus of the content to display correctly on users searching (i.e. the skeleton of the content must rely on keywords – keyword – and these keywords appear naturally, not deliberately crammed)
  3. Link building naturally: internal links, links to other websites and links from other websites Should rely on the quality of the content rather than deliberately building links while the content is low quality – or duplicate.

WhiteHat SEO is the safest and most sustainable way of SEO (Content is King)!

What is Greyhat / BlackHat SEO?

Greyhat / BlackHat SEO are SEO techniques that aim to 'trick' Search Engine to speed up Ranking compared to normal SEO.

This is an extremely effective way of SEO, and it is also very easy to get 'consequences' when discovered by Google or when Google changes search ranking algorithms.

Some BlackHat SEO techniques:

  • Buy backlinks: Pay to put website links on other sites with higher DA / PA to increase this index for your website. Even if your content is low quality, this way still helps rank quickly.
  • Spin content: mix existing content into different versions by replacing words / synonyms. There are software, plugins (WP) that help spin content automatically. This helps you not to write content in the first place, still have a lot of content to build on many sites to build a backlinks system.
  • PBN – Private Blog Network: is a site system created to build a quality Backlinks system for the Website. This method is extremely effective but also costly and Google Search Engine is 'focusing' the mind to limit this SEO. In other words, we will buy domains with high Domain Authority index, indexed the same content of your website, then build the content and backlink characteristics of the Website we need SEO on. This technique is also very picky and hard to say in an article, extremely effective and equally high risk of white loss.
Black Hat SEO techniques
Why use Blackhat SEO?

The only engine is that this technique helps the keyword Rank and increase the PA / DA of the Website faster than Whitehat SEO, it is applied when users need SEO campaigns to bring results in a short time – sell products' seasonality 'or SEO following' trends'.

Because it delivers results so quickly – many SEOers or SEO services become 'addicted' to Blackhat SEO.

But you know how to meet ghosts at night. Every time Google updates the new algorithms for Search Engine every time Blackhat SEO insomnia!

If you have a website that wants to invest for a long time, never give it to SEO services that promise to bring “miracles” despite the content of the Website is still modest … because if that's the case, they Use Blackhat SEO!

What is rank?

What is SEO Rank

Ranking in SEO is understood as a way of increasing the rankings of keywords in search results.

Your website has many keywords in search results and higher and higher rankings mean good rankings!

What is PageRank?

Pagerank is an algorithm that analyzes links used in Google Search to rank web pages.

(According to Wikipedia – PageRank)

Most SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush .. have parameters to evaluate the PageRank of a specific Page, and suggestions for us to know how to optimize for better Rank or know competitors. What to Rank Page, thereby having appropriate methods to defeat opponents.

Index / NoIndex

Index is indexing, we need to configure the Website so that the Search Engine Bot (bug) can detect and index the Website content easily.

NoIndex is not for the Search Engine Bot to index the content, some content we do not want to appear on search results or repetitive, poor quality content …

SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, AllinOne SEO Pack help you set which ones will be indexed or not.

If you have Google Index, you can create a request for them to delete results.

Follow / No Follow Links

Follow Link is a link that allows bots to search and index and update related data.

No Follow Link is the opposite, we tell the bot not to detect those links.

See user guide information No Follow at Google!

Generally the internal link of the website should be Follow, the outbound link has 2 cases:

  1. If the link to the Website has DA / PA lower than your website or the link to poor quality content, affiliate marketing link, link to withdraw money … so No Follow
  2. As for the links to high quality websites, DA / PA, follow Follow – Search Engine to appreciate these links

In WordPress, you can use plugins Nofollow for external links to automatically nofollow all outbound links, but there's the option to follow specific links or domains!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is keyword research. Why do keyword research?

When building content of the Website, we have the purpose of ranking a specific content – representing that content is the 'keywords'.

Because users search for content according to the 'keyword' they type in the search box, the result shown is the keyword ranking.

The keyword research is extremely important, because the ranking in the search results depends on many factors, if you do not build content according to the keywords 'easy to rank', it is difficult for the article to get to the top.

Keyword Research example

For example, if you have an article on a good WordPress theme for SEO, there are some keywords for this content:SEO standard theme“,”Good theme for SEO“,”SEO optimized theme“….

But the keyword “Good theme for SEO” only 100 searches per month

Key word “SEO optimized theme“Yes 500 searches per month but the results on the front page are all well known websites with high Domain Authority such as,, or …. These sites are hard to beat in a short time.

Meanwhile the keyword “SEO standard theme” only 400 searches / month but the top one is the average number of Domain Authority sites like,, … these pages may lose rankings by sites with the same DA or a little lower, if The site's content is better & SEO is better.

So, after 'research', we will choose to write articles with the keyword 'SEO standard theme'Cause it's rank easier than the keyword “SEO optimized theme“And have more searches”Good theme for SEO“.

Over time, if the article with the keyword “SEO standard theme“Rank well and get to the top, other keywords like” SEO optimized theme “,” good SEO theme “will also rank, and our article will appear at the top of the search page when users Type one of those 3 keywords.

Kwfinder is an extremely effective keyword research tool

So, the same content but the keywords have different difficulty to rank, as well as different search traffic. Research makes it easier for us to create content that is easier to be TOP than it is to write!

The Keyword Research tool is very diverse and has a huge price, from $ 29 -> $ 149 / month for regular users.

These tools help you know the flow of each keyword, difficulty, as well as a list of longtail keywords and also research competitors and especially SEO Audit – a comprehensive review of the Website to improve to meet. Latest SEO standards!

SEO Tools also helps you understand the list of external links & backlinks and their quality!

Some common tools:

  • Ahref: the most powerful tool, not only for keyword research but also for link building
  • Semrush: good tool after Ahref (due to less data warehouse because of late delivery)
  • Kwfinder: very easy to use and affordable, evaluating the search volume (search volume) and the difficulty (keyword difficulty) most accurate today
  • Googel Search Console & Google Adword: free, but not specific.
  • Other tools can be mentioned Moz, KeywordTool, …
Seed keyword

Seed keyword là từ khóa chính – đại diện cho nội dung cần SEO, nó là keyword có lượng tìm kiếm lớn, nhưng độ khó cũng thường khá cao.

Ví dụ: theme WordPress, hosting WordPress, SEO Hosting…

Mỗi một Website sẽ có một số seed keyword chủ lực mà toàn bộ nội dung sẽ xoay quanh chúng, theo thời gian khi các seed keyword này rank lên TOP thì lượng người dùng đến từ Google Search sẽ tăng lên rất đáng kể (Organic Traffic)

Long tail keyword

Long tail keyword là từ khóa dài, dễ rank hơn seed keyword nhưng lượng tìm kiếm ít hơn.

Ví dụ seed keyword là theme WordPress thì long tail keyword có thể là theme tin tức WordPress, hay theme bán hàng WordPress, mua theme WordPress ở đâu, mua chung theme WordPress

Khi xây dựng nội dung xoay quanh seed keyword, ta cần đưa vào nhiều long tail keyword, vì các keyword này dễ rank lên top hơn, qua đó bài viết sẽ tiếp cận được người tìm kiếm, khi các keyword dài này rank tốt, nó cũng sẽ giúp seed keyword rank theo.

Cần hiểu là seed keyword khó rank và cần nhiều thời gian để lên TOP, do đó việc nghiên cứu danh sách long tail keyword hiệu quả sẽ giúp chúng ta rất nhiều!

Link Building là gì?

Link building là công việc xây dựng link – gồm link nội bộ (Internal Links) và links ngoài (backlinks – external links).

Internal Links

Việc xây dựng link nội bộ hiệu quả được Search Engine đánh giá cao, giúp nó nắm được tổng thể nội dung của Website, cũng như tạo sự tác động SEO qua lại giữa các nội dung trên cùng Website.

Ví dụ bạn có bài viết A nằm trong top đầu Google Search, còn bài viết B có nội dung liên quan bài viết A thì nằm tận trang kết quả thứ 5. Vậy chúng ta sẽ tạo một liên kết của B trên bài viết A, điều này sẽ giúp B rank tốt hơn!

Backlinks là gì?

Backlink, còn được biết với các thuật ngữ như incoming link, inbound link, inlink, và inward link, là những liên kết hướng tới website hoặc trang web (web page). Trong thuật ngữ link cơ bản, backlink là mọi link được nhận từ các website như trang web (web page), thư mục (directory), website hoặc tên miền ở mức cao nhất (top level domain) từ những web khác nhau

(Theo Wikipedia)

Nếu các site khác có đặt link bài viết của bạn hoặc site của bạn thì SEO của họ sẽ tác động mạnh đến SEO của site bạn.

Nếu đó là các website đỉnh thì SEO của bạn sẽ thăng tiến thần tốc (DA & PA), còn nếu đó là site có DA – PA thấp hơn của bạn hoặc site spam, malwares, lừa đảo … thì nó sẽ kéo Site của bạn xuống bùn.

Cách xử lý là dùng các công cụ SEO như Ahref, Semrush … để dò backlink ở các site đó và thông báo với Google đừng index các backlink đó, nghĩa là báo cho họ là site của bạn không liên quan gì đến các site kia.

External Link là gì?

External link là link từ Website của bạn trỏ tới các Website khác. Trong SEO thì nó được gọi là Outbound link.

Loại này thường chúng ta quên mất nhưng rất quan trọng đối với các thuật toán 'trí tuệ nhân tạo' của Google hiện nay. Khi xây dựng nội dung, ngoài liên kết nội bộ, bạn cần có các liên kết ra bên ngoài, liên kết đến các bài viết hoặc website có nội dung hữu ích để người đọc tham khảo.

Dù bạn có thể đưa người dùng đến các site tốt hơn, thoát khỏi site của bạn, nhưng nếu đó là các site có PA/ DA cao, nội dung hữu ích thì Search Engine sẽ đánh giá cao bài viết của bạn, và giúp rank tốt hơn.

Ví dụ VHW có bài viết về "theme chuẩn SEO" trong đó có đề cập đến tiêu chí "Schema Markup", ngoài việc giới thiệu về Schema Markup sơ lượt thì VHW đặt link về bài viết Schema Markup là gì tại Wikipedia, đây được xem là một backlink rất chất lượng, được Google đánh giá cao.

Hoặc VHW viết bài về cách mua tên miền giá rẻ, trong đó có giới thiệu về Trang Bảng giá tên miền của, để người dùng có thể tìm kiếm nhanh các nhà cung cấp tên miền giá tốt nhất ở thời điểm hiện tại. Google cũng đánh giá rất cao việc này, dù người dùng có thể sẽ đến CanhMe mua tên miền ở đó thay vì mua theo link giới thiệu của VHW.

OK, cái gì có ích nhất cho người dùng thì mình nên làm, và Google Search Engine sẽ tưởng thưởng xứng đáng!

Cũng lưu ý, quá nhiều External Links sẽ gây tác dụng ngược.

Ví dụ dễ thấy nhất là khi site bạn bị cài Malware, nó sẽ chèn rất nhiều links ẩn vào nội dung để trỏ về các site Spam, Kiếm tiền, Lừa đảo… Google sẽ oánh dấu ngay và nội dung sẽ không Rank được nữa trừ phi bạn remove toàn bộ các links ẩn ấy đi và báo cho Google xóa án phạt!

Theo các chuyên gia SEO, mỗi bài viết bạn nên có 2 – 3 outbound links đến các bài viết chất lượng ở các site có PA/DA cao!


Về các phương pháp SEO On-Page và Off-Page thì bạn có thể tham khảo rất chi tiết ở các bài viết sau:

Trong phần tiếp theo của Chuyên đề SEO WordPress, chúng ta sẽ nói về việc tối ưu nội dung Website trên WordPress – tức là một phần của kỹ thuật SEO On-Page, bao gồm tối ưu cách tổ chứ nội dung trang Web và dùng plugin SEO số 1 thế giới là Yoast SEO để tích hợp các thuộc tính SEO cho Website, cũng như giúp cho việc viếc nội dung chuẩn SEO tốt nhất!

Và trước hết, cần xem qua những vấn đề cực kỳ quan trọng mà hầu như tất cả người dùng WordPress đều phạm phải khi bắt đầu xây dựng Website WordPress!

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