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What is Zoho Mail? How to create a free private domain email - HOSTVN Blog

Zoho mail is an enterprise email solution that allows the use of a private brand domain, operated and provided by India's Zoho Group. Email service can synchronize data with other utility products and services such as Zoho Docs, Zoho Storage, Workplace, it also has similar features as well. Gsuite for Business by Google.

zoho mail
What is Zoho Mail?

Why should you use your own domain email?

Currently, many businesses are more aware when choosing to use email services with their own domain name extension to manage employee exchange information as well as build a professional brand image with customers. and partners when exchanging jobs via email (for example, in order to increase brand recognition and reputation of the business.

Why should you choose Zoho Mail?

E-Mail Zoho in the price segment is quite suitable with the affordability of organizations and businesses in Vietnam starting from the lowest package $ 1 / account / month. The difference and flexibility of Zoho compared to other email providers is that when you use paid plans they will allow you to configure multiple accounts with different brand domain names in one place instead of just using a unique domain name.

In particular, Zoho also allows you to sign up for free business email using 5 accounts with your own email domain name without using other regular paid services such as Google Gsuite. This free email package is great for small businesses or individual bloggers. During use you can request to upgrade to the paid version if the demand for mail accounts increases or want to use more advanced features of Zoho with prices starting from $ 1 / account / months (of which Zoho will charge including all 5 free mail accounts before).

Is it good to use Zoho's free email?

If you want to create an email with your own domain name for free, Zoho Mail is an option not to be missed at this time, we will analyze some of the pros and cons that you may encounter during use. Use Zoho's free email service as follows.

Advantages of Zoho Mail

  • Use free domain name email lifetime with number of 5 accounts
  • The procedure to register for free email is extremely simple and fast
  • The email system has the speed of sending and receiving mail quickly and accurately
  • The user interface is quite user-friendly and eye-catching with users
  • The mechanism of action of the filter and prevent SPAM status is quite good
  • Allow email registration without any object or country
  • Integrate with other Zoho applications such as Docs, Chat, Project
  • Zoho donates an additional 5GB of space to store documents on Zoho Docs
  • Allows customizing corporate brand logos on email interface
  • Provides the ability to transfer data from the old system to Zoho's email
  • The capacity of attach files attached in the email allowed is 25Mb
  • Manage login authentication with SMS, Authenticator, Yubikey, Mobile-based OTP
  • Provides mail management app on iOS and Android when using mobile
  • Integrated with Dropbox application that allows you to store third party files

Cons Zoho Mail

  • Quite low storage capacity of 5GB / account with free email service
  • Zoho does not support POP and IMAP protocols for free email services
  • Therefore, you cannot set up push mail on the Mail application like Outlook

With the above advantages, the benefit of using free private domain email that Zoho brings is still a wise choice for many small businesses and businesses with the purpose of using the tool. Exchanged emails serve their commercial businesses.

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