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Who has viewed my facebook, see your news: 3 ways to check


Who has viewed my facebookThere are many reasons why people want to know which account is constantly viewing their Facebook profile with them. Then you will be excited to know that you will find the answer here. Facebook is still the most popular social media app for users after all these years and it's still not losing value. The Facebook profile is still very important to us, so most of us still spend time with our Facebook account every day. I personally always wonder who viewed the Facebook profile I own, which is why I gathered all the ways to find out.

Can anyone see my Facebook page?

A few years ago, Facebook made a disappointing announcement about their help center, saying the platform didn't let people know who viewed Facebook profiles.

This has disappointed a lot of people because they hoped they saw who was viewing their account and LinkedIn did this. LinkedIn always sends a notification to users telling them that the profile they own has been checked, if they want data and more detailed information about their site visitors and profile views they need to Sign up for premium packages from LinkedIn to get access to full data about who has access to the account.


Despite the announcement from Facebook about not being able to see who viewed Facebook profiles, many trusted websites and tutorials found some tricks and ways to keep track of people viewing Facebook profiles.

So, to answer the question you see who sees your Facebook, this article will shed some light on that. Try to gain access to this information in three easy ways I will explain below.

There are three ways to check who has viewed your Facebook profile the most. Ex-lover, secret lover, or just overprotective parents. We really hope the people on your Facebook viewers list will be secret admirers you don't know about now.

How to see who views your Facebook profile?


To see who views your Facebook profile, all you need to do is keep reading because the three ways to find out this are explained below. Now we have come to the part you have been waiting for since the start of the website. This is the time to learn the tricks you use to find what you always want to catch the lurking.

Here is how to understand who saw my facebook, collect all information from the website with the famous guide:

View source of Facebook profile page

This is the most common solution on this topic, not many Facebook users realize the fact that they easily access the source of the page they already have. Find out the Facebook ID of people who view their profile.

  • Use the original list of fans

You can use the page source you have the same code to view the visitors; The first way is to use the original friend list.

Just go through the steps below:


  • Go to, login to your account.
  • Go to the profile page from the top right of the page.
  • Right-click the page and select the View page source
  • Press CTRL + F simultaneously to open the search bar.
  • Type “initialchatfriendslist” to find the visitor's Facebook profile ID
  • Now you will be redirected to the source page where you see a lot of numbers between visits. This is the ID from the person who viewed your profile the most.

Note: This tip will face technical issues on Opera, so try a different browser. Google chrome is recommended.

How do I turn a Facebook ID into a name?

Now that you've found the ID from the page source, as mentioned above, what do you do with this number? How do they help you know which account has accessed your Facebook profile the most? Do not worry; I will make that clear to you because that is the key to who has viewed your Facebook profile.

All you have to do is copy numbers between quotes because those numbers are Facebook IDs from everyone. Just copy those numbers and paste them into the browser search box, like this: Paper This directs you to a specific person's account and will then show that person belongs to your Facebook profile visitors.

Remember that this list of IDs is in the order of the number of people visiting the profile from most to least. So the first ID is the first viewer, the last one is definitely the last one.


  • Use visitor

Another way that I personally went through a YouTube video to help find out who viewed Facebook profiles is to enter from Visits to page source material for a list of profile views. To do this, follow all the same steps mentioned above to find the initial list, and then after finding the word, you'll see several IDs, who have recently viewed your Facebook profile.

Find out who sees your facebook profile with the Google Chrome extension (Social Profile extension)

Another way to see who sees your facebook profile the most, also the easiest, is to use the beneficial extension used in chrome. Installing this extension is not a big deal; Just take a few easy steps to check visitor profiles.

  • Go to the Social Profile extension page.
  • Select Add to Chrome to have this extension in Google chrome browser
  • Please be patient until it has fully downloaded.
  • Click Add extension.
  • Now go to and log in to the account you are ready to check the profile viewer.
  • Now you're on Facebook, just look at the timeline.
  • Will notice the visitor option to the community.


Get help from profile visitors for Facebook (Not recommended)

You find a lot of third-party apps just by searching at google with the app to check who has viewed your Facebook profile. This seems like a very attractive solution, you're definitely curious about using this Facebook app to see if they actually show your profile visitors.

This method is not recommended for Facebook users because I doubt they will provide what they promised, they will have long-term access to your Facebook profile because you need to provide your username and password. . However, you should always try to use them and see if they work well for revealing Facebook profile views.


Get help from social media analytics and monitoring tools

Anyone who reads this post certainly has many different social media accounts, Facebook belongs to that number. We, who are curious about profile viewers who want to know how many visitors on the page, need to know about social media analytics and monitoring tools to make the job easier.

With our social media analytics tool, we have insight into how the entire social media account from us made, the number of page views and the level of interaction from our accounts. . By analyzing that data, we easily reach success and develop. Inosocial is a complete package of social media management tools such as scheduling, monitoring, and analysis for all types of social media platforms.

Access to all social media data so you find the business gap in social media marketing easily. Use accurate data, increase your return on investment, grow your business. Along with monitoring tools, keep track of who is talking about your business using social media listening tools and who mentioned you and other great options.


We are human, we are all curious to know who viewed my facebook, see your news on facebook, who follows the social media accounts we own. We have tried the solution given above to see which one will help us. I hope all of you find this way useful, get to know your testers most, care most about you and then keep checking your Facebook account.

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