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Why is 12MP the most reasonable resolution for camera phones? - Knowledge sharing blog

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In the article about Sony Xperia 1 II Last time, I talked about the fact that this machine has 3 rear cameras, with 12MP, 12MP and 12MP resolution as on the Sony Xperia 1 before. Sony decided there was no need for a higher pixel count for their cameras.

You may notice, OEMs with other high-end photography smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro Max or Google Pixel 4 also have only 12MP rear cameras. So what does this number mean? If you are having the same questions, please find out in this article!

#first. Number of camera dots on smartphone?

Yes, you can simply understand the number of pixels of a photo that smartphone takes, or the maximum resolution of a video you record. Specifically, every 1MP is 1 million pixels, and 12MP is 12 million pixels.

12MP is quite a legend, because this is the highest number of iPhone rear camera dots from iPhone 6 until now is the highest iPhone 11 Pro Max now.

So is Google Pixel from 1st to 4th generation. The Samsung Galaxy S has the same main camera sensor, but not this year's Galaxy S20.

Sony is the world's leading OEM of sensor manufacturers, most popular smartphone brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. are mostly used, but since the Sony Xperia came home with Alpha camera division. then all rear cameras are already 12MP.

12-megapixel-camera-free-camera-camera-phone (1)

Chinese OEMs do not say, they are still in the sensor race: From 16MP, to 48MP, 64MP and now 108MP of Xiaomi and Samsung.

In theory, the larger the number of dots in the camera, the more detailed the image will be. But of course it depends on many factors, the quality of the image may be opposite to the number of dots …

So back to the question at the beginning, why is the 12MP number the most optimal number of dots?

#2. Why is 12MP the best number of dots for the camera?

First, let's see why Google and Apple chose this number first:

The essence of these 2 OEMs is that they want to give users the simplest, easiest and complete experience.

A 12MP sensor will produce images with enough detail but still not too heavy, so that algorithms and AIs can process faster, store more easily, and take up less memory space of the machine. , …

The software of these smartphones will handle most tasks to create the best, most complete photo or video without the need for hardware and software.

Except for Sony, because their photography software / algorithms are still poor, or it can be said that they are not very smart, users need to have a little skill to use all the technology they have. provided.

Next: The smartphone screen is only up to 4K, that is, with a photo to display Full, the number of pixels of a 12MP photo is larger than the number of pixels displayed on the 4K screen. Neither the TiVi nor the PC screen is the only resolution to stop here, because up to 8K will be very expensive.

12-megapixel-camera-free-camera-camera-phone (1)

The higher the resolution of the sensor, the larger the price will be, and of course the size of the sensor will be larger.

A large main sensor may be okay, but if all were sensors with such a huge number of dots, the price and design would become a problem, while the image quality for It might not have been better.

To get high resolution for an image, the OEM will have to trade in something like Dynamic Range and the ability to capture light, in exchange for maximum detail.

For Photoshop professionals, such a photo is highly editable, but for the average user, sometimes they just need to hold it up to take it, they want to have a good picture.

OEMs understand this, so they offer 4-to-1 pixel aggregation for high-resolution main cameras. Anyway, in theory, they have solved the image quality problem.

why-12mp-is-the-best-of-choice-camera-phone (2)

# 3. Conclude

Above are the reasons that top smartphone OEMs only use photography 12MP sensor, not like some brands swing up to 64MP or 108MP just to show off.

What about in your opinion? Is the number of dots required for you? Feel free to leave your comments below this article!

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